Been had? Can’t figure out what the raw score means?

Geoffrey Luck: Flatten the Curve, Fatten the Crisis – “If war is too important to be left to the generals, epidemics are too critical to be entrusted to the doctors. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from Australia’s foolish rush to hysteria over Covid-19.” … “Unfortunately, policy still seems to derive from raw score-keeping, and health departments better at tally-keeping than analysing.”

New York Post: Media meltdown over Trump’s suicide warning shows the press can’t let its hatred go – “There’s nothing incorrect — or even controversial — in those remarks. (Though Trump, sigh, went on to be more dramatic.) But media outlets that would normally echo any concern about higher mental-health risks proceed to be outraged.”

“Back in the real world, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline has reportedly seen incoming calls triple.

Much of the media would rush to contradict Trump if he announced that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. At a time of national crisis, it’s beyond pathetic.

Robert Bryce: Why Dems are so bent on passing wind amid corona crisis – “Renewables live or die by subsidies, in fact. That was proved yet again this week”

That Congressional Democrats would push so hard for solar and wind subsidies at such a critical time for the US economy is particularly galling for two reasons. First, the wind industry already stands to collect some $33.75 billion in subsidies between now and 2029. Second, wind-energy development in some of the most-heavily Democratic states in the country — Hawaii, California, New York and Vermont — has been effectively stopped due to local opposition.
This economic-rescue bill will likely not include Big Wind pork. But given the wind industry’s shamelessness, the nonsense is certain to return. Indeed, Politico is reporting that subsidies for solar and wind “could be pushed to a later corporate rescue package.”

Matt Margolis: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the United States’ Coronavirus Case Numbers – “In a visual presentation titled “Where the U.S. Stands Now on Coronavirus Testing” the New York Times even used whole numbers for confirmed cases in one slide, and then in the next slide used per capita numbers for testing, in order to paint the United States in the worst light.” It’s deceit by statistics and ignorance either willful or unknowing.

Geoffrey P. Hunt: We’ve been had, and Trump knows it – “Most telling, the two U.S. public health icons, Drs Fauci and Birx, are both saying the extreme models that provoked extreme measures bear little resemblance to the actual data on the ground.” … “Perhaps Trump had no other option than to go with the flow when this crisis unfolded.” … “Trump wants America to reopen by Easter. Despite his ambition being ridiculed and criticized, he’s right to pivot from hysteria to rebound.”

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