He’s got the panic

Robert Pearl: 7 dangerous myths about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – “Avoiding many of the worst consequences and doomsday predictions will depend, in part, on the ability of Americans to act according to the facts.” He needs to follow his own advice. Much like Berezow on the ‘hoax’ described earlier, Pearl also has perception and bias problems. As with several ‘concerns’ at KevinMD, doctors are fearful and often loose sight of the present in imaging a future and then use their doomsday fears to bias their perceptions and conclusions.

“As we now know, the coronavirus is far more lethal than the president first indicated.” Another post illustrates that the lethality depends upon where you look and an examination of the reference used. Exaggerations like “far” indicate the bias and start off Pearl’s column with an indication that he suffers from the panic and is another part of the cause and not the resolution. Several of his other 7 tend to illustrate just how far he is willing to go to impugn the President, which is another indicator that reason and integrity have left the building.

It is sad when reputable and professional resources fail in reason and integrity and you often have to go back to source material to find out what is actually going on. 

See Sabine Hossenfelder on youtube: How scientists can avoid cognitive bias.

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