A failure to serve on two fronts

Ned Ryun: Failures of the Administrative State in the Pandemic Crisis – “This isn’t the time to change our leadership in the White House. It’s time to change the government the person in the White House oversees. The American people deserve better.”

“Despite Democrats’ insistent focus on making this pandemic crisis about President Trump and his Administration—and the media happily jumping on that bandwagon—there are facts that cannot be ignored, and many of them are things the Democrat members of Congress (or former members of the Obama Administration) don’t want the American people to know.

Scott Johnson: Waiting for the FDA – “The WSJ reported yesterday that President Trump has “considered issuing an executive order greatly expanding the use of investigational drugs against the new coronavirus, but was met with objections from Food and Drug Administration scientists who warned it could pose unneeded risks to patients[.]”

Kurt Schlichter: The Media Is Even More Garbage Than Usual – “And remember, we are supposed to respect these people, to treat them as brave firefighters who risk it all to bring us the truth. Instead, they are cheesy little liars, and not very good ones. ”

“This was the media’s time to shine, a moment when we needed clear, objective information delivered by intelligent people who asked the important questions people care about so Americans could protect themselves and their families. It was a critical juncture when the media could step up and show us all that yes, the media is still important. It still matters. It still deserves our respect.

Instead we got, “Mr. President, isn’t accurately pointing out that the coronavirus originated in China racist?”

Scott Johnson: Kung Flu fighting – “The White House press corps performed at a shamefully low level in yesterday’s daily briefing, yet they represent the top ranks of their profession.” Also see Situation critical: WH press at work.

Donna Rachel Edmunds: Israeli Nobel Laureate: Coronavirus spread is slowing – “Michael Levitt praised Israel for its preventative measures. He said most people are naturally immune, and that since the infection rate in China is slowing down, “the end of the pandemic is near.”

Kristinn Taylor: Target Stores’ Chrissy Teigen To First Lady Melania Trump – but it’s Trump, who doesn’t use language like this and is not mean and ugly in his rhetoric who catches the flak.

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