The virus is a minor problem compared to the panic

Matt Margolis: 10 Ways the Left Has Politicized the Coronavirus Pandemic – “It was disgusting to see the way Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders politicized the coronavirus pandemic during their debate Sunday night. I expected as much, to be honest.” A list of ten with chapter and verse, as if that makes any difference to the perpetrators. When will it make a difference to the voters?

Terry Jones: Will The Real Victim Of The Wuhan Flu ‘Crisis’ Be Your Rights? – “we’re told repeatedly that, out of “an abundance of caution,” we must shut down our economy. From New York to California, state and local governments have declared “emergencies.” So has the federal government, part of a much-broader “crisis” response.

“This should be a concern to all Americans. Yes, we need to take reasonable precautions agains the Wuhan coronavirus to minimize deaths. We’re all for being careful. And, no, we don’t believe the Wuhan coronavirus is a hoax or anything like that. But the media focus has been hysterical to the point of absurdity, encouraging government to impose the most stringent controls in modern history.

That’s bad enough, given the mainstream media’s undisguised contempt for President Donald Trump. But they’re providing cover for those who would deprive us of our rights permanently.

Jazz Shaw: Coronavirus is the new excuse for universal basic income – “The latest installment in our series on Never Letting a Perfectly Good Crisis Go To Waste comes to us courtesy of Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii ”. Romney is in on it, too.

Cal Thomas: Is this panic over coronavirus justified, or not? – “Mainstream media loves fueling the fear factor

“Are we being subjected to doublespeak when, on the one hand, we are told the coronavirus is nothing to be afraid of, if we take precautions and, on the other, we are told to run for the hills? Is this a biblical plague or a manageable ailment? Are we facing the judgment of God, or will this, too, pass like the flu or a cold, or other ailments from which most of us recover? …

I am no prophet, but just as other challenges have confronted America, we will recover from this one. The stock market will revive because the economy remains strong. Schools that are closed will reopen. Broadway lights will go back on. Sports contests with fans in the seats will resume. Church doors will reopen. Normalcy will return.

Andrea Widburg: The American press’s entire energy is bent towards destroying Trump – “The latest example comes from The New York Times, a once-respected institution that now would offend the birds whose cages it might line.” … “It turns out that the New York Times was engaged in a lie by omission something that, at common law, is every bit as wrong as an affirmative fraud.” See also John Hinderaker: More Lies From the New York Times – “One question that millions have asked is, if Donald Trump does so many terrible things, why do leftists constantly have to make up things he didn’t actually do?

Andrea Widburg: Jennifer Rubin’s death wish for Republicans is factually wrong — and the maps prove it – “Once upon a time, Jennifer Rubin was an intelligent woman. Things started to go downhill when she went to work for the Washington Post, but what really flipped the switch in her brain was seeing Donald Trump become president.”

John Solomon: Obama DOJ officials privately told Mueller they were alarmed by FBI treatment of Flynn – “A little-noticed letter from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office divulges Obama DOJ concerns about FBI treatment of ex-Trump national security adviser.” Scott Johnson also has another hit on team Mueller: Escape from the Mueller miasma – “A lawyer for Concord said the case had ‘fundamental problems’ and said prosecutors wouldn’t have been able to prove at trial that the defendants knew they were violating U.S. laws. ‘The purpose of this indictment was to make a political statement regarding the outcome of the 2016 election that was grossly overstated.

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