Harsh Words and Big Lies

John O’Sullivan: When the Left Lies, Conservatives Plead Guilty – “It controls all the cultural institutions, and it intends to use that power to determine what words mean, what political ideas will be allowed in public debate, and what people it is respectable to associate with.”

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Tired of Being Mocked? – “America has broken down into two different countries. One lectures us, mocks us, and lies to us. It is about to experience four more years of us.”

Bruce Thornton: Progressive Big Lies – “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”

“This penchant for accepting lies as truth, however, has warped the minds of Leftists both hard and soft ever since New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty lied about Stalin’s engineered famines in the 1930s. They have accepted the Marxist, as in Groucho, stance “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”
Worse yet, today’s progressives believe lies to be true despite their egregious falsehood.
These lies and their dangers have been worsened over the last few decades by the degeneration of education from grammar school to university.
we might see for ourselves what George Orwell famously prophesied in 1984 as the consequences of the big lie:
The progressive corruption of history demonstrates their control of the past. Their dangerous policies currently control much of the present. If they triumph in November, we all may have to experience the grim wages of their control of the future.

George Parry: Chuck Schumer, Wise Guy – “Yet his threats against Supreme Court justices are no laughing matter.”

John Sexton: Trump: Schumer Should ‘Pay A Severe Price’ For Threatening Supreme Court Justices – “Ed wrote about Schumer’s threats earlier today and Allahpundit wrote about Schumer’s follow up statement claiming he was being misconstrued (or something)” – What is missing is the comparison and contrast between Schumer’s and Trump’s comments directed at SCOTUS. One is a threat, the other is criticism. Conflating the two is deceit. Neo takes note of this: “There is no equivalence between a threat and a criticism. And trying to argue for a certain policy does not excuse making a threat.”

“What Schumer said earlier today was different. Supreme Court Justices aren’t elected; they are appointed for life. They won’t face the voters ever. So saying “you don’t know what will hit you” clearly can’t be a reference to the Justices being surprised at their comeuppance in the next election. In fact, the only way Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will leave the Court is if they a) resign or b) die. Obviously it’s more than a bit problematic to suggest either of those two things will be made to happen if they vote the wrong way on an abortion case.

Karen Townsend: “Out of line”: GOP chair responds as Donna Brazile doubles down – “harsh words were in response to Ronna McDaniel’s completely accurate description of 2016’s Democrat primary process.” Brazile is a Fox News employee.

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