Feed the frenzy

Ross Clark: The most dangerous thing about coronavirus is the hysteria — “It is the latest phenomenon to fulfil our weird and growing appetite for doom.”

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a pretty virulent virus all right, but not in the way you might imagine. It is less our respiratory tracts it has infected than our inner sense of angst.
Coronavirus hysteria occurs because we confuse precaution with risk.
There is something more to the Covid-19 panic. It is the latest phenomenon to fulfil a weird and growing appetite for doom among the populations of developed countries. We are living in the healthiest, most peaceful time in history, yet we cannot seem to accept it.
Very soon we are going to have to find another thing to agonise about. Asteroids? The next ‘freak’ weather incident, now the storms have died down? Who knows, but we will certainly find something.

The search goes on to feed the FUD mongering machine to overwhelm reason and prudence.

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