Their passion is killing us

If you can handle it, go read Bruce Thornton’s thoughts on VDH’s private papers! History in your face with a dire warning:

“The 21st-century progressive church may appear less lethal than fascism or communism, but its eagerness to don the hair shirt of Western guilt and self-loathing is in the end as suicidal as the rants of Jim Jones in Guyana.”

The Passion of the Left, CIA’s new revelations fan the flames of “progressive” myths of our past.

You know the story, since it continues to be told non-stop by the media, television, movies, and half the curricula in schools and universities … The problem is, subsequent history has uncovered the facts that expose the hollowness of these myths. … But don’t confuse “progressives” with the facts. Their melodrama of moustache-twirling capitalists and their Republican minions controlling the oafish masses with God, patriotism, and Wal-Mart is too flattering to the typical liberal’s elitist pretensions

A very concise summary with just enough history that you can follow up with your own thinking and research – if you can handle this reality.

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