culture clash in the military

The US military is undergoing many changes. The change from conscript to volunteer is perhaps one of the biggest. Another set of changes are those needed to adapt to new innovation and technology. Structure modifications to prepare a force for envision conflict, such as the broad front European type war to a war on terror make for another change. The issues of gender and homosexuality also make for potential change.

And then there is the change in the active tiering of personnel.

Most of the complaints about inadequate security come from army reservists. Many of these folks don’t really want to be there, and want to maximize their chances of getting back in one piece. The regulars, however, see it as, “the only war we’ve got” and a way to prove that they can do what they have chosen to do as a profession. For career troops, combat experience is a big plus careerwise. The regulars also have a more balanced view of the situation, and realize being alert has more to do with survival than some ceramic inserts or additional armor for your hummer. It’s a culture clash in the military, and the media is making the most of it. [Strategy Page. INFANTRY: Most Sought After Headgear. 27 December 2004]

Logistics, police function, and other roles are no longer behind the front. There is no longer time to build combat support infrastructure in the way it has worked in the past. Finding the most effective roles for civilian, reserve, or active in a military effort requires a new paradigm for why we have a military and how it should function.

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