Is hate a thought crime? Who actually receives the damage?

Victor Davis Hanson: Are Thought Crimes Impeachable? – “Mueller found no grounds for a criminal referral on obstruction of justice. But he repeatedly hinted that Trump had thought about obstructing the non-crime of collusion.” … “Trump has been accused of thought crimes, not actual crimes.

Sharyl Attkisson: Impeachment inquiry: It’s a question of who should run the show – “a picture also emerged of U.S. diplomats who appear to believe they, rather than the U.S. president, have the ultimate authority to determine our foreign policy. And if the president doesn’t go along? He clearly must be wrong — in their view. Or, even worse, he’s a traitor. He’s to be obstructed. Taken down.” … “Finally, at the same time these diplomats declare President Trump’s motivations to be nefarious, they paradoxically provide evidence to the contrary.

Tom Tillison: CNN’s Joan Walsh attacks president Trump, Melania’s treatment of hero dog Conan: ‘Terrifying’ – “Hey, when hating Trump is your business, it doesn’t take much to get you worked up.” Also Stephen Kruiser: Ana Navarro’s Mouth-Food In, Racism Out – “One of the worst people to have emerged as a media personality based solely on hatred for President Trump is Ana Navarro.

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