The beautiful people

Luke Rosiak: As School District Implements Busing Over Near-Unanimous Opposition, Chinese Immigrants See Communism – “After one vote failed, members went into a back room, and when they came out, one of the members who voted “no” was crying. They did a do-over and she changed her vote.

“A constellation of affiliated national activist groups, many backed by George Soros and citing what an economist called “junk science,” are pushing “equity” plans nationally. Even as Howard County residents vowed to vote incumbents out of office, neighboring Montgomery County, Maryland, is embarking on similar moves.

“The redistricting plan based on ‘equity’ came out of left field and is clearly an idea which came from outside the county. Even the board members who were very much ‘for’ the plan cited how the ‘country was watching’ — which just goes to show they were more interested in their own headlines than the lives of our county’s school children,” Steil said.

Roger Kimball: Trump’s Disruptive Energy vs. the Deep State – “With just about any other president, the deep state’s victory would be all-but-assured. With Trump, hedge your bets.”

“Here’s the thing about conspiracies, though. Sometimes there really are conspiracies. And in such cases, those who take the trouble to point them out are not purveyors of “conspiracy theories” (a bad thing) but rather the exposers of a threat (a good thing).

Just ask Cicero what Cataline was up to in 63 B.C. That episode had had a happy result for the Roman Republic (not so happy for Cataline or his collaborators). But CNN hopes that by describing as “conspiracies” efforts—they should be bipartisan, but they aren’t—to get to the bottom of what I and others have called the biggest political scandal in U.S. history they can somehow discredit those efforts. “Oh, the idea Jim Comey and John Brennan and Andrew McCabe and all the rest were out to get Trump is just a conspiracy.” Ergo it is not worth taking seriously.

Except that it is very much worth being taken seriously and, as a matter of fact, it is being taken seriously, as anyone who can utter the names William Barr and John Durham knows.

The moral, of course, is that they—the experts, the beautiful people who populate the administrative state and their public relations outlets—they know better than us, us deplorables, us “bitter enders,” us voters.

Will it work? It has, pretty much, until now. I have to admit that. But in this as in so much else, Donald Trump has insinuated a new and disruptive energy into the narrative. With just about any other president, I would have said that the deep state’s victory was all-but-assured. With Trump, I am hedging my bets.

Janice Shaw Crouse: Attorney General Barr Stands athwart History – “The speeches were one-two punches against the Democrat’s (1) attacks on religious freedom that have resulted in cultural disintegration and (2) attacks on the Constitution that have resulted in political chaos.” … “Responses from both sides of the political divide show that Barr hit a raw nerve.”

“Taken together, Barr’s compelling addresses — the Notre Dame and the Federalist Society speeches — establish that statesmen remain who have the courage to stand for the truth and are willing to fight the powers of darkness. Barr gives us hope that the majority of the public will be convinced that the evidence is incontrovertible that the Democrats have deliberately manufactured the political crises of the past three years; that their policies have put us on a path of cultural destruction; and that they have conducted a calculated, deliberate attempt against the constitutional order of this nation and its laws. Further, Barr gives us hope that the public will recognize that the high-level bad actors in the Deep State will be rooted out and be subjected to the reach of the long arm of the law. Most importantly, he restores our hope that the U.S. can, once again, be that “City on a Hill” that provides light and inspiration to all.

Having raised our hopes with these speeches, Attorney General Barr, please follow through with decisive action. Oh, please, Sir, don’t stop short and let us down.

Beautiful people aren’t those dressed up and marching in parade but rather those in the trenches getting the job done.

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