An informed public isn’t the goal here

David Marcus: The Impeachment ‘Partial Transcript’ Lie Just Got Blown Out Of The Water – “This is just one of many examples of the news media misleading the American people in their hysterical attempt to gin up support for impeachment,”


John Hinderaker: Today’s Liberal Media Fail – “Pretty much every news organization in the world jumped on the story: the Associated Press, Reuters, NBC News, NPR, the Huffington Post, all the usual suspects. … But then a funny thing happened. The U.N. guy explained that his number for children detained in the U.S. was not current, but dated from 2015

Anthony Esolen: Education Is Not About Your ‘Lived Reality’ – “Education today is not about reality at all, in the sense of what is objectively true. It is about political action. Its swindlers and their marks want power, not truth.” … “And what power? Not the power of a liberally educated mind. It is the power rather of being a lemming of tomorrow: leading rather than following the lemmings tumbling over the brink.”


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