Toxic hypocrisy

Alex Berezow: Academic Bias Against Industry Is Toxic Hypocrisy – “industry provides nearly 2/3 of all research funding in the United States. … If industry research were to disappear, America’s dominance in science and technology would evaporate along with it.” Academia’s concerns should be about government involvement and money as the accountability there is diffuse and vague but, instead, Leftist miasma wafts its destructive vapors …

“This bizarre phenomenon of seeing shills everywhere one looks has also infected journalism. A team of journalists at NYU, led primarily by Charles Seife, routinely accuse others of malfeasance on behalf of industry. (One article written by Mr. Seife attacking plant geneticist Dr. Kevin Folta as an industry shill was so bad that it had to be retracted.) Yet, while Mr. Seife accuses all those around him of being industry shills, his employer NYU collected more than $1 billion in royalties for just a single drug that it patented and licensed to Big Pharma.

The fervor with which the “corporate shill” label is applied is akin to McCarthyist zeal. That’s unfortunate. The truth is that if the science is accurate, then it doesn’t matter who paid for it — be it Monsanto, Vladimir Putin, or the Devil himself. Funding only matters if the science is inaccurate. That’s when it’s appropriate to ask, “Who funded this and why?”

Roger Underwood: The Bushfire-Industrial Complex – “despite all the technical innovations since then, the huge expenditure on water bombers and the vast armies of firefighters with their wondrous equipment, the bushfire situation (especially in the eastern states) has regressed to the situation that prevailed in the 1950s.” … an example of the true shills.

“Whenever bad fire weather occurs in conjunction with drought, unstoppable fires ravage the bush. In other words, it’s a typical Third World scenario: almost nothing is done about repetitive and wholly predictable disasters … until after they strike.

How this situation has arisen in a naturally bushfire-prone country like Australia is mystifying, Yes, our political leadership has been gutless and ineffective, cow-towing to pressure groups, putting the winning of elections in front of looking after the country. But worse than that is the prevailing community ignorance about bushfire science, the failure to study centuries of history and human experience, and the way in which green ideology has infiltrated our government agencies and poisoned government policies.

Who might benefit from the regular occurrence of huge, hot bushfires?

While the correct answer is “no-one” it is not hard to find people to whom ghastly bushfires bring political or financial advantage. The classic example is the environmentalists who portray bushfires as a direct consequence of global warming, which is itself is said to be a consequence of our Western lifestyle. …

The media is also a beneficiary. Horrible bushfires are newsworthy and dramatic, truly front-page or top-of-the-bulletin stuff. …

Then there are the fire chiefs, resplendent in their glamorous uniforms. …

It’s like California! Money is separated from deed and in bed with moral preening and ideological nonsense. See Wayne Lusvardi: Why is California Blaming Wildfires on a Small Percentage of Downed Power Lines? (Part I) – “A question arising out of California’s recent wave of wind-fanned wildfires, is why are public officials mainly attributing the cause to downed electric transmission lines that comprise less than ten percent of all the causes of such fires? This only further obscures why there are larger and more lethal wildfires.”

“California leaders and opinion-makers must first abandon their blame game and diagnose the problem more clearly than using clichés like “global warming”, “Donald Trump,” “greed” or even “not enough clear cutting,” if they are going to responsibly deal with the dangerous unintended consequences of de-modernizing its electric grid.

Bob Maistros: Smart Government Focuses on Essentials: Reviving Family and Business Formation – “smart government empowers people to be their own solutions. An approach needed more than ever as panic sets in among the intelligentsia and governing elites.” … “Governments can’t and don’t create wealth. They merely redistribute it – and destroy it. … And in the process, destroy the institutions that truly generate prosperity and motivate and animate its creation: entrepreneurship and marriage.”

Thomas McArdle: Looking A Gift Trump In The Mouth – “A compliant media will happily be providing wall-to-wall TV coverage of the hearings, likely sacrificing a hefty share of financially lucrative ratings in hopes of helping to do Trump in.”

“Not only is such opposition to an undeniably flawed (but equally undeniably effective) Donald Trump unwarranted and unreasonable. Considering what the ever-more-radical opposition have planned, anti-Trumpism on the right is mortally dangerous to economic and social freedom in America.

Undeniably flawed? Start with that and the presumption of “vulgarity” as “unwarranted and unreasonable” dishonest presumptions that plague many who have a problem with false witness, poor calibration of perception, and failure to heed the lesson in Luke 6:42. Since Adam and Eve we are all undeniably flawed therefore it being prominently placed as a caveat in an argument not related to human sin is dishonest and disingenuous. It attacks the person and not the sin.

Jeffrey T. Brown: Natural Rights Versus Political Rights – “When God is acknowledged, then natural rights are unalienable. When government is god, then rights are the property of the government.”

“When we talk about natural rights, non-fascistic Americans understand this to be what is embodied in Bill of Rights, which are declarations enshrined to protect the individual from the tyranny of the government. These rights are considered innate natural rights, which vest in a person because of his humanity, rather than his political loyalties or beliefs. They are unalienable because they derive from that humanity, rather than one’s fear of or allegiance to a political party or government. Political rights, however, are what immoral politicians have empowered themselves to grant, and “rescind,” depending on whom the rights benefit. When it appears politically advantageous to gift a new right, meaning to manufacture a preference to benefit a political faction or interest group, regardless of the will of the general population, then that “right” will suddenly materialize to reward political fealty or to buy favor. When a politician or political mob believes that their opponents must be punished, then those same politicians will cancel natural rights that protect the equality and liberty of the citizens who are their enemies.

Jim Hanson: Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists, And It Is Corrupt – “Democrats and the Deep State have elevated more policy disagreements to what amounts to an attempted coup. Just listen to Alex Vindman.”

John Hinderaker: Nikki Haley, Whistleblower – “Kelly and Tillerson are not members of the fraternity; on the contrary. But when they fell out with the president, they adopted the Deep State pretense of superiority toward the duly elected President of the United States and his voters. And in Washington, if they betray their former boss, they will be richly rewarded.

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