Politics of Personal Destruction

Brad Lingo: What I Wish I Told the ABA about Lawrence VanDyke – “He’s one the most thoughtful and caring friends I know.” … brought to tears by the Left’s Politics of Personal Destruction. [caution National Review]

“I hope I haven’t embarrassed my friend by sharing these memories. Without them, I’m not sure it’d be possible to convey just how flabbergasted I was when I read the ABA’s upside-down evaluation. Arrogant? If anything, he’s humble to a fault. Entitlement mentality and lazy? Far from it. He and his family have sacrificed greatly to help that earnest kid from Montana become the solicitor general of two states.

For another example, from a Never-Trump leaner, try Mirengoff’s faux rationalization of defending Trump’s “nasty, over-the-top rhetoric.” Mirengoff needs to calibrate his perceptions and have a bit of awareness of using such rhetoric to label and condemn. He should ponder Laad’s thoughts (below).

Rajan Laad: Decoding Trump Derangement Syndrome – “We have seen many people of ‘eminence’ scoff, scorn and even turn viciously abusive against Trump and his supporters. They have called Donald Trump a traitor, a criminal, a Russian puppet and a con man. They have used expletives and vulgarities. Some have called for a coup, or even have called for Trump’s youngest child to be attacked. They actually wish for assassination. They want to blacklist all Trump supporters, rendering them jobless.”

“The term ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ was coined to explain this irrational and inconsolable rage against Trump. But dig deeper and you find that much like the livid man at the restaurant, these are hateful individuals, and have serious anger management issues and personal problems. It’s just that Trump is the latest target suitable to vent out against with impunity.

If this were just a few loons, the behavior could be ignored. But at the bottom of this is a blatant attempt delegitimize a democratically elected president without any evidence of wrongdoing. A lot of other unstable individuals out there feel empowered to conduct themselves in the most despicable manner because the eminent and prominent are doing it. An example is the shooting of Republican members of Congress by an individual at a softball practice back in 2017. It just takes one individual to opt for an extreme move.

To call it ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ only serves to accept their premise that Trump is the cause of their hatred. Their hate is irrational and despicable though, and that is what it should be called.

Peter Skurkiss: Envy is a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome – “It is one of the main causes for driving many TDS sufferers over the edge. When speaking of envy, however, one should make a distinction between it and jealousy, as the two are commonly used interchangeably.

“Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a mental disorder in which a person has effectively been driven insane due to his hatred of Donald Trump, to the point where he abandons all logic and reason. Such people are impervious to facts that contradict their preconceived notions of the president.

So what is envy?

Envy leads a person to hate another just for having or achieving something good.

Envy is a pure evil. It is not an exaggeration to say it afflicts the NeverTrumps, the entire Left, and a large segment of the Democratic Party.

Filled with envy, the Democrats are more than willing to damage themselves and the country if that is the price to take the president down.

Because the Democratic Party and the media are main institutions in society, the country will suffer as they thrash about from their TDS affliction. There’s a silver lining in all this, however. Envy invariably destroys the ones who carry it in their hearts. This is already happening.

Blue is currently the color used to designate the Democratic Party and red the GOP. This is wrong. The color of the Democrats should be green. This is not because of environmental issues, but because green is the color of envy, and envy is a defining characteristic of the Democrats today.

Clarice Feldman: Schiff’s Impeachment Train to Nowhere – “Democrats hope this week’s vote signals that the president will be impeached, but the vote was not to impeach, nor even to begin a formal impeachment inquiry. It was to set the procedures for any impeachment hearing in the house. And what a lulu it is.

“I studied Russian law as an elective in law school so these kinds of rules are not unfamiliar to me, but Americans used to fair play and due process ought to find it troubling.

Conrad Black predicts they will, particularly given Adam Schiff’s record to date:

Roger Kimball: Doing the Impeachment Math – “Are there really 20 Republican senators who would commit political suicide in order to please Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff?” Kimball also falls into a bias: “Andy points out that Donald Trump is a supremely unpredictable (not to say erratic) political actor, and that this unpredictability may be a liability in the impeachment sweepstakes. This is probably correct.” That perception does not line up with the success Trump has had (but who worries about facts when it comes to bashing the President?) He even notes this dissonance but does not look inward to see its source.

“One of the several things that a democratic republic depends upon is trust, and the partisan weaponization of impeachment, a tool of last resort for deployment only in the most egregious “high-crimes-and-misdemeanors” cases, is enormously destructive of trust.

Last month, a formerly sensible commentator who has been suffering from a debilitating case of Trump Derangement Syndrome warned that “The Deep State Conspiracy Is About to Go Into Overdrive.” He was right about that (and he was right, too, that I’d be among the “conspirators”). But when you have senior members of the Intelligence Community publicly acknowledging not only the existence of the “deep state” (something that until yesterday was supposed to be merely the figment of Steve Bannon’s fevered imagination) but also its role in attempting to “take out” the president, then I’d say it was a good thing, not a bad thing, that efforts to expose the malignant, anti-democratic workings of the deep state are revving up and about to go into overdrive.

Impugning the opposition as conspiracy nuts tends to carry little weight when you describe the conspiracy and its goals and objects and praise its progress and brag about your own participation in it.

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