Constructing a crime to fit the man

Tristan Justice: Schiff Directing Witnesses Not To Answer GOP Questions – “The latest charges against Schiff come as the ongoing impeachment process has been wrought with allegations of bias where Schiff has been conducting a closed-door investigation interviewing witnesses whose testimony has been selectively leaked to the press to frame the president.”

sundance: Seditious Conspiracy / Sketchy Witness – Schiff Blocks Questioning of NSC Staffer Alexander Vindman to Protect Him from Legal Exposure… “it is highly likely Vindman leaked the content of presidential phone calls illegally while he was a member of the National Security Council;” … “The New York Times is reporting that sketchy Vindman attempted to manipulate the CIA transcripts of President Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelenskyy to meet Vindman’s ideological interpretations.” … “In an effort to bolster his very sketchy credibility; and likely in an effort to avoid the appearance of sedition; Schiff’s Lawfare staff recommended Vindman wear his military uniform to the hearing today, though Vindman never wore the uniform for his NSC job.”

This repression via silence can also be seen in Mirengoff on The Dems’ frivolous request that Barr recuse himself.

Conrad Black: The ‘Demedia’s’ Impeachment Beat Goes On – “In fact, in these matters, the system is working as it should: the House has no standing to pretend it can order the executive branch about, as the legislative and executive branches are co-equal and the legalities will be determined in the courts by the third co-equal branch—and not by the flaky-left lower benches where the Democrats have judge-shopped, but by the Supreme Court.”

“Nothing has come to light that is remotely presentable as an impeachable offense.
Meanwhile, the Democratic allegations we have seen are preposterous legal nonsense: that the president’s legitimate curiosity to know if former Vice President Joe Biden’s son was influence-peddling in Ukraine was a misuse of U.S. government assistance to buy an advantage in the upcoming election. This will not move the Republican senators very far.

David L. Rosenthal: Rampant disrespect for the oath of office has become the norm – “In many cases, the candidates tell us frankly that they are opposed to all that. But even though they tell us, no one in authority is willing to prevent them from taking office, as per the requirement of the law and common sense. That is a major problem.”

Daniel Oliver: On Laws, Guns, And Freedom, Bureaucrats Fight To Overrule The People – “What we in the US are seeing now, and have ever since Donald Trump was elected, is an attempt by Democrats to weaponize the legal system to further a nakedly political agenda.”

see example ( – Salt Lake City – “At a time when discussions about access to firearms and gun safety are paramount, trusted health care professionals find it difficult to have those conversations.” with a false premise based on a falsehood, what do you expect? A discussion is a lot easier to start and maintain if all parties climb aboard the reality and reason wagon.

Scott Johnson: Bukovsky’s dissent – “The American left learned from its Soviet friends. The thugs running the Soviet Union pioneered the use of psychiatry for totalitarian purposes. Bukovsky may have been the most prominent victims of the practice. Dissent from the party line was treated as a form of mental illness. The practice continues in the left’s stigmatization of dissent from its agenda as “phobias,” as in “homophobia” and “Islamophobia.”

Thomas Lifson: Trump’s praise for the dog that helped capture al Baghdadi was a psy-ops classic – “Muslims, you see, are taught that dogs are unclean.” Then, of course, there is the Left as illustrated by Aaron Mak: Does Donald Trump Even Like Dogs?

The Babylon Bee: Trump Gets Dems To Interrupt Baseball, Condemn Dogs, Side With Terrorists All Within 24 Hours. Or, how about Texas Luring Jobs Away From California With Promises Of Electricity.

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