Herd mentality

Rick Hayes: They, Who The Hell is They? – “It is true that the Obama administration was significantly more corrupt than any other because of two disturbing facts. Not because of its high number of scandals or the gravity of those scandals but because the corruption was spread throughout the entire government and because Obama’s administration received unprecedented cover and protection by the fake media.”

Patricia McCarthy: The Russia hoax: The Left’s willful ignorance and denial – “The Left simply dismisses any narrative contrary to their own conviction that Trump is guilty of numerous crimes born of their imagination. So chock full of facts and documentation are those books and articles, one must conclude they simply have not read them. If they do not recognize their existence, they don’t exist.”

Geoffrey Kabat: Who’s Afraid of Roundup? – “In view of the prominence given IARC in the legal proceedings, it is noteworthy that the agency stands alone in its conclusion that glyphosate poses a carcinogenic risk.” … “How has a chemical that has been exhaustively reviewed by regulatory agencies all over the world and repeatedly found to be safe become a vehicle for a torrent of lawsuits?”

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