Why the hate? Strange forms of recreation.

David Thompson: Preening Interruptus … “What is wrong with you?” they ask.

“Acts of planned and gratuitous aggression, including narcissistic aggression – which is what these ‘protests’ are – should be treated accordingly. It’s important that these cossetted pinheads, so gorged on their own sense of entitlement, learn to fear those on whom they recreationally impose themselves. Their expectations of impunity should be shattered. Along with the conceit that the way to make people sympathetic with your cause, whatever it may be this week, is to screw them over – because you can – while applauding yourself for doing so.

John Merline: The Deep State Comes Out Of The Shadows … “These officials, the story says, are “furious,” “terrified,” “incredulous,” “disappointed,” “fed up,” “livid,” with a “deep well of resentment,” in an “unbearable” situation. … They’re mad that several of them “were demoted or sidelined following attacks by the conservative media.”

“So what we have here are career bureaucrats who don’t like the way Trump is conducting foreign policy. Why? Because they know better than some outsider who doesn’t play according to the rules. There is no question that many of them would be delighted to see Trump removed from office, not because he did anything impeachable, but because they can’t abide by the 2016 election results.
Trump’s critics say that his claims about a deep state are the result of his paranoid delusions. But after what the country has witnessed over the past three years, and now the bragging by State Department officials bent on getting Trump out of Washington, it’s the denial of the deep state that is delusional.

sundance … Pelosi Gaslighting Continues – False Claims: Administration “defying lawful subpoenas & document requests”… “Nancy Pelosi continues to mislead her ‘impeachment’ constituents. Unfortunately the compliant media is refusing to hold her accountable.” … “Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Lawfare House rules‘ and/or ‘Lawfare impeachment rules‘ cannot supersede the constitutional separation of powers. She is well aware of this.”

Mick Mulvaney: ‘I never said it was a quid pro quo’ … “Mulvaney pushed back on Wallace saying that his statements were taken out of context.” more media deceit and distortion laid bare for inspection.

Tyler Durden: The American Deep State Would Sooner Sacrifice The Republic Than Lose Again To Donald Trump. “Schiff has little to worry about, however, since the media does not react to Democratic transgressions with nearly the same amount of hysteria as it does with the Republicans, which explains why Trump is fighting a constant uphill battle.”

Sebastian Gorka: When Does It Count as a Coup? “Not only do they want to subvert this president and the will of 63 million Americans, they want to make sure that they never lose an election again.”

“There is only one reason that the Democrats are openly suggesting that the Electoral College be abolished, that 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote, that the Supreme Court should be packed with their nominees, that lawfully owned guns should be confiscated, and that the president should be impeached based on any and every pretext, regardless of the facts. Not only do they want to subvert this president and the will of 63 million Americans by overturning the last election, they want to make sure they never lose an election again.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes politically to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Victor Davis Hanson: Why Do They Hate Him So? “Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans, left-liberal celebrities, journalists, and academics all revile Donald Trump because he is trying and often succeeding to restore a conservative America at a time when his opponents thought that the mere idea was not just impossible but unhinged.”

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