Gruber, Dickens, Sun Tzu, Mr. Smith

Nancy Pelosi is “Grubering” The American Electorate on Impeachment – Committee Requests, aka “Subpoenas”, Constructed to Manufacture “Obstruction”… sundance – “these are political subpoenas, demand letters as weapons; constructed for optimal political value, and framed to create obstruction articles of impeachment. This is a carefully constructed subversion of the constitutional processes and procedures.” … “These letters from congress, they are calling ‘subpoenas’, are specifically designed to avoid the courts because of the unilateral nature of the investigations which underpin their content.

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington. Clarice Feldman – “To me, this is a modern-day replay of the classic film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

States Are Depriving Innocent People of Their Second Amendment Rights. Jacob Sullum – “One thing is certain: Taking away people’s guns based on predictions of what they might do with them raises thorny due process concerns.” … “In practice, he says, red flag laws mean “you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent.”

Marco Rubio Is Right About Trump Playing The Press. Emily Jashinsky – this one is notable for the pattern: judgment of the President as “categorically stupid and indefensible” and then explaining why it wasn’t. It is an illustration of a common media pattern of expressing hyperbolic judgment out of ignorant disagreement to impugn the President while telling a story that contradicts their own thesis.

‘The Leprosy of Unreality’ and the Demise of the Left. Diana Mary Sitek – “The people’s house has become the charnel house of counterfeit Democrat prerogative. Is it a last-ditch attempt to seclude suspected skullduggery from public notice?

Trump’s Godfather moment. Jeffrey A. Friedberg – “I have never seen anything like the apparently crazed condition of Democrats.”

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