Changing the rules for the desire of the moment

Just How Far Will The Press Go To Defend The Impeachment Narrative? John Merline – “The Washington Post ran a story on Friday with the declarative headline: “Four debunked talking points used to discredit the whistleblower complaint.” The story then goes on to confirm all four.

“So, the entire exercise by the Washington Post is not about “debunking” anything. It’s about trying to defend the original impeachment narrative, even as the facts themselves fail to do so.

This is your “unbiased” press at work. Expect to see a lot of this now that Democrats and their media handmaidens can almost taste an impeachment victory.

Pelosi’s House Rule Changes are Key Part of “Articles of Impeachment”, Being Drafted Over Next Two Weeks… sundance – “With the House going into a scheduled calendar recess, those rules are now being used to subvert historic processes and construct the articles of impeachment.” … “The minority will have no voice. This is quite a design.

Breaking – ICIG Whistleblower Form Recently Modified to Permit Complaint “Heard From Others”… sundance – “Folks, this “Ukraine Whistleblower” event was a pre-planned event.” … “Prior to the current “whistleblower complaint” the Intelligence Community Inspector General did not accept whistle-blower claims without first hand knowledge. However, the ICIG revised the protocol in August 2019 allowing for the EXACT type of complaint now registered from the CIA whistleblower.” See also Intel Community Quietly Scrapped Requirement For “First-Hand Knowledge” Before CIA ‘Rumorblower’ Relied On Hearsay.

How about a Bipartisan Treaty against the Criminalization of Elections? Andrew C. Mccarthy – he is caught in a disagreement between two friends, Andrew Napolitano and Joe DiGenova. As he works through his angst, you can gain insight into the basis for the disagreement. The crux of the issue has history.

“Most of the commentary on this has been very politicized (surprise!). For dyed-in-the-wool anti-Trumpers, no technicality is too trifling to be a felony. For the Trump base, it’s all a witch hunt. In light of this, the most helpful source we can turn to is the Mueller Report. (File in: Sentences I’d Have Bet My Life I’d Never Write.)

To hear the media-Democrat complex tell it, DOJ declined because it is beholden to the president and Attorney General Barr is acting as Trump’s lawyer, not the government’s chief prosecutor. No one who actually took five minutes to read the relevant section of the Mueller Report would see it that way. Moreover, the fact that the president is president complicates matters not only politically but legally.

it is a commonplace for the government to seek assistance from foreign counterparts for ongoing federal investigations.

There was no impropriety in President Trump’s asking Ukraine’s president to assist the Justice Department’s investigation of Russiagate’s origins. Okay, you say, but what does that have to do with Biden?

Judge Napolitano’s Descent into Foolishness. Daniel John Sobieski – no dissonance here. “Napolitano’s comments constituted as much of a parody of the truth as the fable spun by House Intelligence Committee chairman Schiff’s recent interrogation of acting director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire over the transcript of the call, which suggests nothing of the sort.

“It’s not the first time Napolitano has done a mind melt with the Deep State swamp creatures, insisting earlier that despite the failure of the Mueller probe to show it, President Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice in the Russiagate investigation. This goofy claim was roundly debunked and repudiated by none other than legal scholar and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

And it would help if there was actually a crime being investigated.

John Solomon on Biden/Shokin/Ukraine … neo – “it’s also troubling that most people in this country will probably never look at it.

Conveniently changing the rules: blowing that second-hand whistle, hard … neo – “This is terrible. Even if there had been no whistleblower allegation against Trump’s Ukraine call, this sets a very dangerous precedent and allows mere gossip to become whistleblower material.

The whistleblower is Christopher Steele 2.0 … neo – “I may have missed it, but did a single Democrat criticize Schiff’s little performance yesterday in which he falsely “paraphrased” Trump’s call and then, when criticized by Republicans, stated that it was a parody? I have never seen such behavior in a hearing of that type, and it is part and parcel of the same disinformation campaign.

“The American people are exhausted by this” … neo – “When I listen to discussions like that, the first thing that comes over me is that aforementioned weariness at the persistence of such beliefs in the face of hard evidence to the contrary. I am also tired of being the lone voice speaking some difference of opinion to a group uninterested in hearing it – and most groups of a single persuasion are uninterested in hearing evidence that contradicts their strongly-held viewpoints. And sometimes not just uninterested, but hostile.

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