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over anxious. Jump the gun. Keep repeating the same mistakes over and over … where does it lead? What does it say?

The Latest Impeachment Frenzy Is About #Resistance, Not High Crimes And Misdemeanors. John Merline – “Democrats could have gone through the normal procedures to get the information from the White House rather than jump immediately to talk of impeachment.” … “Here’s just a partial timeline of the many previous calls for Trump’s impeachment that turned out to be frivolous:

Here Comes the SSCI – Senators Burr and Warner Now Advance Whistleblower Narrative… sundance – “There has been so much we have documented about the corrupt intents of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), that it doesn’t take a deep-weeds political follower to see where this is going.” … “As with the Trump-Russia investigation, Warner and Burr now insert themselves into position in order to advance the Trump-Ukraine investigation.

Trump Administration Will Release Transcript, IC Complaint and ICIG Documents Outlining Whistleblower’s Motive: “Severe Political Bias”… sundance – “This information will likely be released tomorrow in combination with the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky:” also, zerohedge reports “the whistleblower has retained attorney Andrew Bakaj – who “interned for Schumer in the spring of 2001 and for Clinton in the fall of the same year,” per The Federalist. ”

Interesting Day – Includes 2:15pm Bilat With Ukraine President, and 4:00pm Presser… sundance – “The political planets are aligned to provide a considerably interesting day today.”

Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane. Roger L. Simon – “Joe Biden — their great (alas white male) hope — is being exposed as not just a senile plagiarist, but a senile, corrupt plagiarist with a freaky family out of a Southern gothic novel with tentacles reaching into China and Ukraine.” … “So for the Democrats, trouble ahead, trouble behind. Ergo, impeachment.

“Of course it will never happen. (Pelosi knows that too. That’s why she never held a congressional vote on this “inquiry.”) And indeed the whole spectacle might be amusing in a macabre sort of way if there weren’t important things going on in the world. The president is engaged in negotiations of tremendous significance with the Chinese and trying to neuter as much as possible the violent mullahs of Iran, but the Democrats don’t care. In fact, they would prefer he fail, and seem to be doing everything in their power to make it so. To call that un-American is an understatement. Actually, it’s despicable and deeply immoral, not just for the citizens of this country, but for the world. What children!

Biden Ukraine dealings – 7 essential facts. Peter Schweizer – “Editor’s note: Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute spent three years investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter and their dealings in the Ukraine and China. The research culminated in the #1 New York Times bestselling book “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” (Harper Collins, March 2018). Below are some of the results of the investigation.”

Pelosi’s ‘impeach Trump’ announcement a bad, bad sign for our republic. Joshua Foxworth – “While few people actually believe that these actions will result in the disclosure of any offense on the part of the president or in a formal impeachment vote, the actions signify that what once made America function so much better than any previous nation is now lost.

“For the first time in American history, a party and its leadership are refusing to cede the ability to set policy to the president. Sure, the president was sworn in, sits in the Oval Office, and issues orders to his subordinates. However, those orders are challenged by the Judicial Branch on baseless grounds. The nation’s intelligence apparatus work in congruence with the media to conjure up and give false credibility to absurd stories involving prostitutes defiling a bed that President Obama may have slept in some years prior. The president’s allies within the population are silenced and assaulted, and there is an unrelenting deluge of propaganda against the president and his supporters.

The Democrats’ Ukraine hoax. Patricia McCarthy – “Chutzpah hardly describes what the deranged Left has been doing the past few days.” … “As usual, the Democrats have accused Trump of what Democrats have themselves been doing for decades, getting rich in office by any and all means that present themselves.”

“Virtually all the Democrats, past (Harry Reid, Al Gore) and present, who have risen to the top of the party’s food chain are blatantly corrupt. With their silly new ploy, they will only bring attention to their own duplicitous natures. They are likely counting on the Republicans to, as usual, become frightened of their own shadows and do nothing. One would think there would be one or two of them in Congress with the courage to fight back but there is only Trump and his growing base of supporters.

No biggie. Dem Senators (and Biden) threatened Ukraine funding over Trump investigation. Jazz Shaw – “Over at the Washington Post, Marc Thiessen has dug into a couple of different stories that sound eerily familiar. The first one has to do with three Democratic Senators who penned a love letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, pressuring him to not drop four investigations that they felt were vital to the Mueller probe.

Stunning Rebuke – Federal Judge Throws Out Guilty Verdict for Flynn Partner and Acquits… sundance – “This is a huge blow to the DOJ-NSD who framed their special counsel case on sketchy FARA violations and bamboozled the jury with dubious legal theories. This type of intervention by a federal judge is very rare.” … “The NSD/DOJ has been reading Section 951 (Foreign Agent) far too broadly, including conduct not contemplated under the statute.

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