Where the preumption of guilt leads

Mitch McConnell: Democrats’ Pattern is ‘Shoot first, correct the facts later’. People notice the old communist ethos: ‘show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’

“When the simple notion that judges should be faithful to the Constitution looks like an attack on your agenda, maybe it’s your agenda that needs a makeover, not our independent judiciary. When you are this willing to launch unhinged personal attacks, you reveal a whole lot more about your own radicalism than about the men and women you target.

California to ban facial recognition software in police body cams? Jazz Shaw – “We’ve already covered numerous stories about cities in California passing legislation designed to ban the use of facial recognition software by law enforcement. Apparently it’s too easy to catch criminals these days or something.

“I understand the valid concerns some people have over facial recognition software because some of it is still quite error-prone. But I’ve yet to see one documented instance where a person was incorrectly identified by the software and then went on to be tried for a crime they didn’t commit. The results are always looked at by a human being who can quickly figure out that the technology screwed up. This should be doubly true in the case of body cams because the human officer is seeing the same thing the camera is recording in real-time.

California continues to attempt to make the jobs of police officers more difficult while doing nothing to benefit the citizens being served. This is a sad state of affairs.

“The real bombshell”: CBS News hits NYT over Kavanaugh story to focus on witness tampering. Ed Morrissey – “No one expects the Democrats to admit that they participated in a witch hunt and character assassination, although such an admission would certainly be nice. But maybe, just maybe, they can shut the hell up about it and let us pretend they have some remorse over the Kavanaugh episode. Especially now that CBS’ Jan Crawford has boiled it down to its essence.” Morrissey might be behind the curve with the ‘let it be’ sympathies. Others have had enough and seek justice.

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