Deadly game or harmless fun?

The Competence Vote… sundance – “Donald Trump, now President Trump, is one of the most consistent people in history when it comes to his big picture views; and also his big picture solutions. There are small shifts, and slight changes in the direction toward the solution, but ultimately the big picture destination is consistent.

DOJ Files A Devastating Brief Exposing Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry Scam. Bonchie – “The game in this case is that Nadler wants to pretend he’s emperor with no guidelines while not having to pay the political price of having House Democrats actually vote as a majority to impeach.

“Judges, if they are fair, don’t usually like double talk and political games. That’s exactly what the Democrats have been doing. They continually downplay impeachment publicly, claiming that what Nadler is doing isn’t actually an impeachment inquiry, then they run to their base and tell them the opposite. …

Let’s be clear, if Nadler gets away with this, it opens the door for every single House majority to target and handicap a sitting president based on nothing more than supposition and suspicion. Normal oversight is fine. Proclaiming you can override executive privilege and force testimony by abusing impeachment powers is not.

NY Times sparks furor with tweet describing alleged Kavanaugh behavior as ‘harmless fun’. Dom Calicchio – “The New York Times, under its “New York Times Opinion” Twitter banner, issued an apology late Saturday, saying it had deleted an “offensive” Twitter message” Byron York is quoted: “What are they thinking at the New York Times? 1) It’s a discredited allegation. 2) If it had happened, such things are ‘harmless fun’?

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