social and economic systems: a choice to be made

U.S. Versus China. Richard Fernandez – “The competition between the United States and China for the leadership of the 21st century is basically a contest between social and economic systems.”

“China is a corrupt totalitarian state worse in many respects than the Western establishments it threatens. Its triumph is hardly to be desired. But the Communist Party of China faces exactly the same limits to its power its counterparts do: competition from the outside. It is the fear of American innovation, not the vapid declarations by politicians that they “stand with Hong Kong” which really prevents the commissars from plunging the dagger into it. The instinct for survival keeps Beijing from crushing the rebellious Hong Kongers. One wonders whether the complacent rulers of Western capitals are similarly constrained or whether they have been in power too long to feel threatened.

Ultimately the leadership of the 21st century will go to whichever society fixes the problem of information corruption first. If the West can rebuild its system of monetary and civilizational accounting then it can regain its vitality. Alternatively, China, with the memory of poverty and humiliation still vivid in living memory, may pay greater homage to the facts. If Western civilization fails this epitaph will be chiseled on its tombstone: “we thought the facts didn’t matter.”

More on the phenomenal, ‘eye-popping’ success of Success Academy Charter Schools in NYC. Mark J. Perry – “What is truly amazing is that of the 30 elementary schools in the entire state of New York (the top 1.24% of schools) with the highest Average Standard Score for the 2018-2019 school year, two-thirds of those top schools (20) are Success Academy Charter Schools.” i.e. success and achievement is under attack. Nevada has a similar problem as Californication takes over the state government.

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