no rational alternative is an empty magazine for the opposition

“That A Member Of The Elite Like Bill Dudley Could Open This Can Of Worms Is Quite Staggering”. Tyler Durden – “The implications here are simply staggering. We have a former Fed official lobbying sitting Fed officials to deliberately damage the economy and move away from their stated mandate in order to either force a policy change from an elected president, or to force that president out of office!” This is the global superiority thing as a core belief of the deep state. The efforts to correct trade abuse by countries such as China involve currency valuation and national debts and, from there, overall economic health. Durden uses a “former Fed member Dudley” public missive to illustrate how the globalists have painted themselves into a corner.

Via Instapundit citing the National Review nagware site: “VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Trump — or What, Exactly? Let’s compare Trump’s policies and behavior to that of prior presidents — and to his 2020 opponents’.” … “To counter every signature Trump issue, there is almost no rational alternative advanced.” … “Trump’s crime is that, without sanitized surgical gloves, he completely ripped the scab off what we call “journalism” and exposed a festering wound of narcissistic, mostly incompetent, and utterly partisan reportage.”

There is a lot of TDS and, in the more civil circles, it gets rationalized as not agreeing with the President’s policies or what he says. Any who examine this rationalization quickly see that no rational alternative is advanced to support the distaste and hatred and disagreement. 

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