News ain’t reporting anymore. The state of the propaganda machine.

The Washington Post Lies About a Conservative Journalist. John Hinderaker – “this incident is a good reminder of why no one takes far-left “news” outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times seriously. They lie. Consistently, every day.”

Cosmic Injustice. Victor Davis Hanson – “Politicians ignore felonies in their midst, preferring to hector the misdemeanors of the universe.” … “The next time a legislator, mayor, or governor rails about plastic straws or the Paris Climate Accord, be assured that his state’s roads are clogged, his public schools failing—and he is clueless or indifferent about it.”

No, Slave-Based Cotton Plantations Are Not the Model for “American Capitalism”. Rick Hills – “It seems trite to point out the glaringly obvious, but Desmond’s analogy ignores one distinction between slave-powered enterprises and a modern corporate employment: Slavery prohibited workers from quitting and moving to a new job.” … “How could the Times publish a piece that attacks American businesses enterprises as analogous to slave-based cotton plantations yet never mentions legal impediments to labor mobility of the defining feature of the latter?”

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