Projectionists finding dissonance is not a pretty sight

Trump’s Attack on Baltimore Doesn’t Go Far Enough. John Merline – “Take a look at the eight other cities that beat Baltimore on Orkin’s rattiest cities list. What do they all have in common? We’ll, let’s see:”

“Indeed, if you want to see what liberal Democratic policies tend to produce, go to any one of those cities, or other Democratic strongholds. Democrats promise to help the poor and downtrodden, grow the middle class, make life more fair. But their policies consistently produce the opposite.

These cities are rife with crime. Baltimore ranks No. 1 for robberies and No. 2 for murders. Many of the other rat-infested cities also rank high for violent crimes. Their infrastructure is crumbling. The middle class has largely abandoned them.

And far from tackling inequality, Democrats have made it worse.
You see the same thing at the state level. Of the 10 worst-run states in the country, all but one is solidly Democratic.

Will The Global Warming Hysterics Never Tire Of Being Wrong? J. Frank Bullitt – “Forget all those previous predictions of doom, they tell us, because this time they have it right.” … “But some remember those frenzied forecasts. Following is but a small taste of a smorgasbord of baloney:”

Israel Demolishes Illegal Buildings; International Leaders, Media Demolish Truth. Lori Lowenthal Marcus – “Arab leaders screamed “war crimes” and “ethnic cleansing.” That the denunciations were absurd and based on utterly false predicates had no impact on the international response.”

“But the real outrage was not Israel’s action in demolishing the buildings. The audacity, and the sloppiness, of the international media and international political leadership is the real outrage.

Because as anyone can see by reading the Israel Supreme Court opinion authorizing these demolitions, every single material “fact” asserted by these outraged protectors of the peace process is wrong
But all that due process and careful consideration of the merits meant nothing to the international media, egged on by the feigned hysteria of the Palestinian Arab leadership. The media and the Arabs cried out that Israel was “committing war crimes,” completely ignoring the legal basis for Israel’s actions. Those irresponsible cries largely drowned out the cold fact that what Israel actually did was follow the rule of law, allow due process to take place and allow repeated opportunities – many years worth – for Palestinian Arabs to obey the law and not create a fake international incident.

Proud of yourselves, lefties? Leftists turn ‘deplorable’ beauty queen into Trump magnet. Monica Showalter – “Simply for liking President Trump, the left was going to make an example of that deplorable 20-year-old. They were going to make her pay.”

“She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s smart and academically accomplished. And she’s been treated like dirt, solely for the ‘crime’ of liking President Trump. She’s also quite famous now, in a way that all the other beauty queens can only envy.
Zhu’s fellow Asian-American, Sarah Jeong, who unleashed an amazing string of bad tweets that truly were racist and immature, got to keep her job after she was exposed, all because she was left wing. Zhu? Not so much. Standards are different, see, when the person on the spot is a Trump supporter. File under more votes for Trump.

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists. Roger L. Simon – “This is, will be, and has been from the beginning one of the purest examples of projection since Sigmund Freud described this form of psychological hysteria in The Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (1894).”

“The conclusion we are supposed to glean from this, the rule of rules that must be obeyed at all costs, is that whites are always wrong when criticizing blacks. That conception is quite simply mentally deranged. It is sick, completely reactionary politically and inherently racist in and of itself. And yet it is adhered to by the Democratic Party and their media lackeys with an orthodoxy even Opus Dei would envy.

Woke Racism. Victor Davis Hanson – “Well before Sigmund Freud formalized the idea of “projectionism”—the defense of one’s own shortcomings and sins by attributing them to others—it was a common theme in classical literature and the New Testament: the ridiculing of the mole on someone else’s nose to hide one’s own boil.”

“What will put an end to this new anti-enlightenment racism of the woke? It will cease only when the majority of Americans are brave enough to call out those projectionists who are obsessed with racism as the purveyors of hate themselves, the sad and the pathetic who believe they are innately and collectively superior on the basis of their superficial appearance or creed.

Can ESPN just stick to sports? Paul Mirengoff – “For leftists, every corner of our lives must be politicized. There can be no escape from their preaching and indoctrination.”

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