Slam dunk? Reality tends to catch up to even the most extreme evasive maneuvers

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Victor Davis Hanson – “While one may always wish that the president and his critics tone down their venom and play by silk-stocking Republican Marquis of Queensberry rules, it is hard for half the country to feel much sympathy for the Left that sowed the wind and are reaping an ever growing whirlwind.

Democrats think they’ve got a slam dunk obstruction case against Trump. They don’t. Byron York – “It could be that the Mueller hearing, rather than showcasing a slam-dunk case against the president on obstruction of justice, will highlight how tenuous, subject to interpretation, and difficult to prove Mueller’s allegations really are.

“The first thing to notice about the Democrats’ choice of evidence is what is not included.

Also important to remember is that the Muller investigation was not actually obstructed by the president, and neither was the FBI Trump-Russia investigation that preceded it.

Finally, it is important to recall that Mueller could never establish that the underlying crime he was assigned to investigate

So here is a look at the areas Democrats reportedly plan to highlight: …

Without the sort of solid, incontrovertible evidence they can sell to the public, Democrats face an uphill climb, no matter how much attention the Mueller hearing attracts on Wednesday.

Oh my: IG report to allege Comey lied to Trump — and spied on him. Ed Morrissey – “Spying on Trump by coopting one of his aides hikes that to a level not seen since the FBI’s bad old days.

If Sperry’s sources are accurate, and if Horowitz can document all this, hoo boy. The allegation that Comey repeatedly lied to Trump about his status in Comey’s probe may not be impossible to explain; if Trump was suspected of espionage, the FBI wouldn’t have wanted him to know it too soon. The problem with this explanation is that the FBI had no evidence of any such suspicion. The Horowitz report will supposedly confirm that, but Robert Mueller has already done that work for Horowitz. Under those circumstances, Comey acted with significant insubordination to his superior and constitutional officer, which matters even if Comey didn’t like Trump or think he should be president.

How to Alienate Voters and Lose Elections. David Catron – “The Democrats are determined to repeat the mistakes of 2016.”

“Among the Democrats running for president, however, humility seems to be in rather short supply. They, like all members of their party, routinely insult the people who will decide whether they get the job or not. Nor are they reticent about criticizing the nation they want to run. Moreover, many are making wild promises about the things they will accomplish if given the job, yet they remain oddly unable to answer detailed questions regarding the implementation of these plans. Even worse, they seem utterly incapable of providing any serious cost estimates for their grandiose designs.

In addition to of all these issues, the Democrats seem to be under the impression that it is the responsibility of the electorate to live up to their expectations rather than the reverse. Like Hillary Clinton, they seem to believe they would be doing the country a favor by taking over. Finally, they are all making the worst mistake any job applicant can make: trashing the guy who currently holds the job, a guy with a lot of solid accomplishments and loyal supporters. All of this means that the Democrats have not yet absorbed the lessons of 2016, and this disqualifies them as a governing party.

The long slow march of leftism … neo – “I know a great many liberals. And I would guess that, although most of them ascribe to the principles on that list of “the Soviet Union’s memetic weapons,” they are unaware that what they are espousing is far leftist propaganda, and remain ignorant even now of its origins and purpose.

Summer Heat Wave? It’s Global Warming… Or Is It? Roger L. Simon – “But the generalized stupidity of the way the issue is treated points toward something possibly more disturbing — the debates themselves.

the MSM protected Omar for years … neo – “the allegations that Ilhad Omar is guilty of multiple legal violations, including marrying her brother in order to commit immigration fraud, this article at PJ by David Steinberg on Omar deserves a new post of its own.”

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