seriously out of control

The American left is seriously out of control. Now they are dangerous. Patricia McCarthy – “The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s victory in 2016 has escalated into something quite beyond mere hysteria.”

“Antifa, the fascist organization that protests anything and everything with which it disagrees is violent, very violent. They show up with weapons, wearing masks and attack anyone they perceive to be in opposition to their own warped ideology.

CNN has long defended the group as good guys, social justice warriors. That is how off the rails CNN is. Like Antifa, CNN is officially and openly anti-American.
Portland may be ground zero for the worst of leftist brutality at the moment but the Left is definitely ramping up its malicious intolerance. As everyone who cares to look knows, there have been many incidents of violence against Trump supporters around the country, often for just wearing a red hat.
The Left, aside from approving of all manner of violence in service of their agenda and their anger, has been willing to break every law on the books, abrogate every word of the Constitution to get their way or defend those who do these terrible things.
The left has shown its true its colors. We are one election away from losing our country … and they cheat.

Milkshake protest stirs up controversy across U.S. Zane Sparling – “Ted Wheeler’s adviser offers support to Andy Ngo, but says no ‘physical evidence’ of quick-drying cement.” Denial runs deep but pictures and other evidence tell their own story.

More on Portland’s Mayor’s epically bad explanation of Antifa attacks. Jazz Shaw – “Where were the police? Why wasn’t there more of a law enforcement presence on the scene? And perhaps most of all, where was the Mayor? He’d been awfully silent, considering what a disaster he had on his hands”

The “Magic Wand Of Fudging” Produces Global Warming. John Hinderaker – “I have written many times about what I consider the worst scandal in the history of science: efforts by the curators of global temperature records to rewrite the past so as to produce an illusion of warming that is not reflected in the temperatures that have actually been recorded.” Here’s another example.

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