Orwell comes to visit

With SCOTUS now endorsing thoughtcrime lawfare, it is time to examine other dimensions of this Orwellian concept in current practice elsewhere.

Big tech test-marketing censorship of Trump. Thomas Lifson – “We’re already in Orwell territory here, describing outright censorship (something that is “obscured” cannot be seen and is therefore “censored” despite AP’s avoidance of that ugly reality) is called a “warning label.”

The Ghost of Hunter Thompson Lurks over Mueller’s Coming Testimony. Roger L. Simon – “The number of Democrat politicians who deliberately lied to the public about Russia is extraordinarily long. Hello, Senator Warner… Someone should make a YouTube of their lies when this is over, but the organization would undoubtedly ban it.” (but we all know it is only Trump and, maybe, a few of his advocates who lie)

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