Dragging politics into everything

Knitting site bans Trump supporters, white supremacists. Karen Townsend – “In an odd turn of events, an online knitting site has banned Trump supporters and white supremacists. Apparently the two groups of people are one and the same to the site’s owners. … Ravelry.com has taken an unusual stand by bringing politics into the craft of knitting.”

“In today’s divided political environment, it’s ridiculous to expect customers to share one point of view. And it’s insulting to assume a Trump voter is necessarily also a white supremacist. With that line of reasoning, America has almost 63 million white supremacists that can be counted. The total of non-voting white supremacists isn’t known. You can see how absurd this is.

So Pence Isn’t Convinced Global Warming Is A Threat —Why Is This Controversial? I & I Editorial Board – “Pence was tripped up, so to speak by Jake Tapper, who was hosting a Sunday show on CNN.”

“It’s truly maddening how the global warming alarmists have remained so sure they are right that human activity is dangerously warming the planet. They cite “consensus,” “settled science,” the United Nations, and researchers who have taken on the role of priests in the green religion. They are fanatical in their devotion to their “truth.”

In Absurd Fiasco, Entire Market Spike Was Due To A CNBC Grammatical Mistake. Tyler Durden – “what is most absurd about this entire incident is that nobody who was buying futures – and global stocks – actually listened to the Mnuchin clip in which he clearly used the past tense, and a second just as absurd outcome is that after stocks surged at 5am on the patently wrong headline meant to boost optimism in a deal…”

The Trump Doctrine. Richard Fernandez – “The familiar tropes of Hollywood war movies have therefore been replaced by a strategy that views the destruction of billions of dollars in economic value as more effective than sinking a dozen Iran patrol boats and drowning a few hundred sailors.”

“And still Maduro remains, sustained by the unlimited repression of a country now too weak to even free itself. If the past is any guide there will no more Gulf of Tonkins nor toppling of Saddam statues. Instead of regime change and occupation there will be a system of isolation and perpetual quarantine, where countries like Iran and Cuba are contained in a kind of limbo, confirmed in their malice but relatively impotent save for the unfortunate who stray into their grasp. Their hulks may still be there in 50 years.

Welcome to the world where open warfare has been abolished and secret warfare never ends.

Wayfair workers to strike over sales to migrant facilities. Jazz Shaw – “To put it bluntly, some of you social justice warriors and activists need to put your outrage in context and consider what you’re doing. Who are you going to protest next… the company that sells them lice combs?”

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