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President Trump Calls Out China and EU Currency Manipulation… sundance – “This is a good development. I strongly appreciate a U.S. President who believes in the intelligence of the U.S. voter to understand what is taking place.”

“A stronger dollar and a weakened euro or yuan (or any other currency) makes the imported goods cost less (paid in dollars). This offsets any tariff impact and keeps the U.S. prices low. In essence we are importing deflation.

Stand back and contemplate the scale of globalist ideology at work in this dynamic.

The nations that devalue their currency drive up inflation within their own economy.

In an effort to carry out their globalist ideological fight to stop Trump from reclaiming wealth (through new trade positions and the return of blue-collar manufacturing), these nations are willing to subsidize an effort to retain status even if it means hurting their own citizens in the process.

Again, 80% of our GDP is internal; we are generally a self-sufficient nation… that is our strength. But the globalists can only hold out so long before their intentionally constructed anti-Trump dynamic makes their own citizens misery so bad they will grab the pitchforks….

Twitter responses to AOC’s ‘concentration camp’ claim have been all over the map. John Sexton – “The bottom line is that she didn’t mean what she clearly meant. Deny, deny, deny…

“Of course, AOC used the phrase “never again” and said the president was a “fascist” which seems to clearly evoke a specific type of (NAZI) concentration camp. But AOC’s fans were eager to ignore these details and instead pretend she’d be making a generic remark about the Boer War…or something. I think they did this mostly because they felt the Nazi comparison wasn’t as defensible and they desperately wanted to defend her. It was a pathetic and dishonest spectacle.

The other reaction on the left was to simply take note of the obvious Nazi comparison she had made and cheer it on. That’s what Rep. Jerry Nadler did, completely undercutting the claim she didn’t mean those concentration camps

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