drip, drip, drip … it becomes clear albeit excruciatingly slowly

sundance has a windup for the week with several stories with news and coup information. Flynn Filing Shows Mueller Team Manipulated Transcript in Report – “Today, the Mueller team released the transcript of the call (full pdf below). However, as originally noticed by RosieMemos the released transcript clearly shows the Mueller team selectively edited the transcript to weaponized their portrayal of the contact.Adam Schiff Demands Authority Over Executive Branch Declassification, and Advanced Warning of Investigative Content – “The scale of obtuse, hypocritical and self-serving protestation is off-the-charts.” … “Apparently the declassification directive has Adam Schiff in a flitter…. perhaps connected to the sunlight on his own participation as part of the seditious group.Rep. Collins Identifies Peter Strzok as Likely FBI Official Who Leaked Grand Jury Information and Prosecution Declined – why no prosecution of the crime?

Mueller dings Dowd. Scott Johnson – “And that’s not all. For some reason or other, the government has failed to produce additional documents responsive to Judge Sullivan’s order.” This provides some additional context for the sundance item.

Instapundit: (from behind the WSJ paywall) David Rivkin & Elizabeth Price Foley: Congress Can’t Outsource Impeachment: Democrats want to use Mueller’s probe as cover to oust Trump. They need to bring their own facts and charges so the public can hold them accountable. … “The desire to get rid of Trump through non-electoral means, when a Presidential election looms next year, is literally insane.” … “Once again, people who consider Donald Trump too impulsive, emotional, and vindictive to be President are instead revealing those qualities in themselves, and in the institutions they control and represent. So far, the defining feature of the Trump presidency has been the exposure of how hollow our institutions have become. In trying to delegitimize him, they demonstrate their own illegitimacy.”

Bill Barr opines … neo – “Even before this, I’ve liked just about everything I’d seen and heard from Barr so far. He’s exhibited a rare combination of traits: clarity and simplicity of expression, a straight-shooter who goes to the heart of the matter without being in the least offensive or careless. He’s precise without getting bogged down in arcane legalese. You can see all of this demonstrated in the interview, as well, and if you want the shorter version (it’s not short, though) go to Ace’s post.” This appears to have been an interview for the ages.

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