Glyphosate and state of mind

Glyphosate: How A Safe Chemical Is Being Maligned By Greedy Elites. Michael D. Shaw – “since glyphosate was introduced, all regulatory assessments have established that it poses low hazard potentials to mammals and does not show enough evidence to be considered carcinogenic”

“But, there is the matter of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) ranking glyphosate a Group 2A carcinogen (probably carcinogenic to humans). Bear in mind that IARC also puts red meat consumption into Group 2A, while processed meat falls into Group 1 (carcinogenic to humans)-the same group containing cigarettes and mustard gas. Here is more detail on the IARC groups.

Notably, the findings of this single agency-which disagreed with essentially everyone else-spawned millions of dollars’ worth of litigation. After all, there are deep pockets, and the plaintiff’s attorneys have willing accomplices in the fear entrepreneur “environmental” groups.

Dear Wives: Publicly Criticizing Your Husband Makes You Look Horrible. Melissa Langsam Braunstein – “After reading the latest installment in the ‘my husband disappoints me’ genre in The New York Times last weekend — this one penned by a clinical psychologist — I’d say we have a trend.”

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