Everything is racist. Harassment has no imagination.

Yes, Trump is target of ‘presidential harassment’. Byron York – “it adds up to a pile-on of unprecedented proportions, by and large the work of blue-state Democrats who stand to gain politically if their investigations succeed in crippling the president.”

“In a recent email exchange, I asked Andrew Coan, a University of Arizona law professor who is the author of the book Prosecuting the President, whether there is precedent for a U.S. Attorney’s office conducting a wide-ranging, open-ended investigation of a sitting president.

“The short answer is no,” Coan responded. “I am aware of no comparable prior investigation.”
The point is, the scrutiny directed at the president from all sides, not oversight of his administration or even investigations into his election, so far exceeds anything in the past that it could well qualify as presidential harassment.

Google Manager Said Company Must Stop ‘Fake News’ Because ‘That’s How Trump Won’. Allum Bokhari – “The employee also alleged the existence of official training courses at Google dedicated to “bashing conservatives and Trump supporters.”” When people know to the point of irrational belief, all sorts of ‘strange’ behaviors surface.

Paul Manafort Was an Agent of Ukraine, Not Russia. Andrew C. McCarthy – “He is a scoundrel, but he was never a Kremlin operative.”

“Understand: Paul Manafort would never have been prosecuted if he had not joined Donald Trump’s campaign. He would not have been prosecuted if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election and spared Democrats the need to conjure up a reason to explain their defeat — something other than nominating a lousy candidate who stopped campaigning too early.

Manafort’s Ukrainian work was not a secret.

Racism in the knitting community. neo – “It’s so absurd it’s hard not to joke about it, and joking is appropriate. But there is nothing really funny about it. In just a few short years, these SJWs have gone from unhinged and powerful to more and more unhinged and more and more powerful. Knitting is just one community this has infected; there are plenty others.”

Democratic presidents behaved a lot worse than Trump in the White House. Victor Davis Hanson – get your historical perspective here!

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