What is normal, anyway?

None of this is normal. Fred Barnes – “Half a dozen House committees with Democrats in charge are investigating Trump, his administration, family, appointees, political affairs, businesses, lifestyle, and various antics.”

“This is abnormal. There’s never been an offensive so vast against a president by his rival party. It took only two committees — one in the Senate, one in the House — to look into the Watergate scandal and drive President Nixon out of the White House in 1974. But Trump is more popular today than Nixon was, and Democrats are taking no chances he might escape their grasp.
Democrats are basically conducting a fishing expedition.

Wow – Canadian Government/Taxpayer Funded Media (CBC) Purchases Anti-Trump Billboards and Transit Signs. sundance – “Apparently Canadian media are taking their hatred for U.S. President Donald Trump to new levels of opposition.”

“Then again, it’s likely the Canadian government recognizes the economic and trade policies of U.S. President Donald Trump; policies that stop the exploitation of the U.S. market; is part of the reason for their current contraction.

This short-sighted and vulgar political campaign against President Donald Trump would very well make matters worse within Canada.

The Omar Affair is a turning point. Thomas Lifson – “The world’s oldest hate finally, officially has found purchase in America with the support of the world’s oldest political party, the Democratic Party of the United States.”

“With Jew-haters in charge now, voters potentially handing power to Democrats in 2020 would launch America down a path whose endpoint will be a catastrophe not just for the Jews — the canary in the coal mine — but for the Republic that the founders bequeathed to us and to “our sacred posterity.”

antisemitism? check.pro-terrorist? check. infanticide? check. self defense or national security? no way, Jose.

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