Blindly, blithely going along with hubris and good intentions

Politico: Senate Dems “outraged” over McConnell use of mysterious precedent to change judicial confirmation rules. Ed Morrissey – “Reid and his fellow Democrats ignored the clear historical precedents to claim that they could accomplish this without consulting Republicans.” It’s an example of actual behavior that makes a farce out of arguments that Trump’s emergency declaration is setting precedent, for example.

“What has followed since then hasn’t been “dramatic and historic,” but predictable and mundane. Reid, Durbin, and Schumer set the precedent, and McConnell the Institutionalist has followed it for his own purposes. You’d never know this by reading the Politico article, but the record on this is abundantly clear, as were the consequences at the time that the Democratic trio dropped the nuclear bomb on the Senate. McConnell warned them that they would live to regret it — and now they have.

And since Politico doesn’t provide any of this backstory, readers will miss the hilarious irony of Schumer’s counter-offer to McConnell

Obama paved the way for anti-white rhetoric. neo – “The phrase “typical white” as a form of criticism by people in public life (particularly on Twitter) has been normed and is quite common.” Double standards in justice, in racism, and other issues measure distance from reality. See also Anti-Semitism: it’s all the rage – “In this country, those first two elements (the left and a portion of some of the newer Muslim arrivals) are the main protagonists.

Customs officer injured when gun goes off at Las Vegas airport. Katelyn Newberg – “He was injured after his gun “accidentally” discharged.” It’s called mishandling firearms. Guns don’t fire by themselves no matter how much some people want to believe that they do.

When People Without Gun Experience Pass Gun Laws. Kris Kobach – “The Democrats’ latest legislative achievement in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is a perfect example of what happens when people who have no clue about a subject draft legislation on the topic.

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