Does the distinction matter? What planet you on?

Leftists and reality. neo – “It may be a distinction that doesn’t matter all that much except in psychological terms, but the difference is whether the person is consciously lying or whether the person believes what he or she is saying.” This is another one noticing the behavior. Perhaps the APA should start working on this rather than toxic masculinity? The case in point is illustrated by a passage from Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Yes, ‘This Is America, 2019’. Victor Davis Hanson – “There have been so far about three general reactions to the concocted Jussie Smollett psychodrama.” Catalog, analyze, dissect, you know – those things scholars are supposed to do with interesting or unusual phenomena.

“Smollett has shown that the most absurd narratives imaginable will continue to gain credence because they fill a deep psychological, cultural—and, yes, careerist—need for millions in the country to believe that hate crimes are epidemic, that they are the currency of the Right, and that they can only be addressed by more government scrutiny of a particular class of victimizers such as the Duke Lacrosse team, the Covington kids, or Smollett’s mythic red-hatted Trump racists.
His farce is yet another example that it is now largely permissible to slur and smear millions of purported Trump supporters, as either defined by their stereotyped race and gender or their red hats (with or without a logo).
To paraphrase CNN anchorwoman Brooke Baldwin, who in careerist fashion immediately sought to gin up popular outrage over the Smollett “hate crime” attack: “This is America, 2019.”

Baldwin is right in her inference that we really are suffering from a national illness—and her own fact-free, careerist-driven editorializing and others like it are the proof.

Now Ol’ Miss Basketball has a black privilege team biting the hand that feeds story. It’d be one thing if there was a reality supporting their acting out but an overwrought sensitivity to trolling is rather odd to find in highly competitive sports.

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