The will to survive

Tony Blair retires from a decade of service as the British Prime Minister. The Patriot Post noted his comment about the will of a civilization to survive.

“It is said that by removing Saddam or the Taliban—regimes that were authoritarian but also kept a form of order—the plight of Iraqis and Afghans has worsened and terrorism has been allowed to grow. This is a seductive but dangerous argument. Work out what it really means. It means that because these reactionary and evil forces will fight hard, through terrorism, to prevent those countries and their people getting on their feet after the dictatorships are removed, we should leave the people under the dictatorship. It means our will to fight for what we believe in is measured
by our enemy’s will to fight us, but in inverse proportion. That is not a basis on which you ever win anything… The truth is that the conflict in Iraq has mutated into something directly fuelled by the same elements that confront us everywhere. Yet a large, probably the larger, part of Western opinion would prefer us to withdraw. That is the extraordinary dulling of our senses that the terrorism has achieved… There is no alternative to fighting this menace wherever it rears its head. There are no demands that are remotely negotiable. It has to be beaten. Period.” —British Prime Minister Tony Blair

“Work out what it really means”

That is often the tough part. – “Work out what it really means” – when you go after the US for torture and disdain any comparison to the torture chambers being discovered and shut down by US effort – “Work out what it really means.” When you laud Casto or Chavez or Hussain or Stalin or others of this ilk – “Work out what it really means.” Even when you assert the US is going down hill, its economy is in shambles, or other such things – “Work out what it really means”

Find reality. Do not tear and shred those trying to make things better by pretending they are as bad as what they try to fix. Do not undertake the easy target, the one that will listen and respond to you. Go after those who will not allow you to speak or to act and who will not listen to you and, indeed, will seek to kill you if you offend them. – “Work out what it really means”

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