Cultural turmoil

Can the Republic Survive the Mainstream Media? David Harris – “People complain of the cultural turmoil and upset in the country without realizing that the mainstream media – which nowadays includes almost all broadcast media as well as the digital giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and others – are the main determinants of the mood and cultural milieu of the United States.”

“While almost nobody fully grasps the profound cultural influence of the media, we all respond to media-fostered agitation when they’re upset – notably when conservative/Republican ideas are in the ascendance – and the relative calm and quiescence when their like-minded, left-leaning Democrats are in charge.

A sad, perhaps damning adjunct in terms of cultural survival is that while we feel the swings in mood of the culture, most of us have little idea about the media’s pivotal influence.

For the last 50 years, the media have been shooting Republican fish in a barrel. These are also major factors contributing to why most Republicans seem more comfortable in the minority; at least there they can temporarily keep their heads down and enjoy a less precarious existence. Their irrelevance and relative powerlessness gives them welcome respite from the media crosshairs and its highly effective elimination strategies.

We may already have been done-in by the silencing of dissent through oppressive control of information and near-instant social pummeling of the non-compliant; along with coincident and, in some respects, consequent atrophy of independent thought; the terror of non-compliant politicians; and widespread ignorance of and indifference toward the country’s mission and laws. Time will tell.

Attack of the Techno-Lynch Mob. Victor Davis Hanson – “The entire psychodrama boiled down not to what the facts on the ground showed, but rather who each party was perceived innately to be.

“On the one side, the suspects were seen as rambunctious teenage kids (thus easy targets not especially schooled in the arts of rhetoric or repartee).

On the other side, the stereotypes were even more striking.

Add that all up and we had a Medieval morality play ripe for exploitation.

In our new race and gender morality, a teenager when confronted by an activist adult must play the adult as the activist adult plays the role of teenager.

The key in these Internet lynchings is to get in first and worst—and keep at it.

We have been here before, from the Tawana Brawley farce and the Duke Lacrosse myth to the Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” and the University of Virginia fraternity rape yarns—and dozens of staged truth-to-power race and gender mythologies in between.

We may have iPhones instead of rope, but human nature has not changed. The competition to appear tough, cruel, defiant—and morally superior—is fed by crowds of anonymous laptop and smartphone shock troops.

What, then, must we relearn from the latest progressive fantasy? … Media truth is relative … Rhetoric not action matters. … The progressive cause feels it is close to victory.

Eventually these Reigns of Terror come to an end when a few finally scream that the emperor is naked and push back—but usually only after thousands of lives are ruined. And we are not even close yet to making Internet lynching an unprofitable venture.

How Many FBI Agents Does It Take to Terrorize an Unarmed 66-Year-Old? George Parry – “All of which leads me to shake my wooly gray head and wonder aloud if any of these two-fisted crime fighters who took down the cunning and dangerous Roger Stone are in any way embarrassed by their participation in this vaudeville act.

“After all these years of investigation, indictments of foreign nationals who will never appear in an American courtroom, and process crimes generated in large part by the investigators themselves, the mask is slipping and the act is wearing thin. Just like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Great and Terrible Mueller is slowly emerging as, in the words of Dorothy, the Great and Terrible humbug.

America Lost Vietnam but Saved Southeast Asia. William Lloyd Stearman – taking on one of the original lies at the beginning of the modern era burdened by Leftist deceit and propaganda. (WSJ via That perfidy created much human suffering that still echoes.

“America got into World War II because of Vietnam. … It is widely believed that the Vietnam War was unwinnable. But a 2004 History Chanel documentary featured interviews with knowledgeable North Vietnamese who thought otherwise.

The defeat created more than a million South Vietnamese refugees, who escaped by sea. More than 300,000 drowned, according to a Red Cross estimate. Large numbers also died in concentration camps or were executed. …

Yet even the defeat in Vietnam accomplished a lot. … “America’s action enabled noncommunist Southeast Asia to put their own houses in order. By 1975, they were in better shape to stand up to the communists. Had there been no U.S. intervention, the will of these countries to resist them would have melted and Southeast Asia would most likely gone communist.”

Headlines in the Roger Stone case such as “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up” prompt reminiscence as the Left attempts to dig up its glory days of Nixon and Vietnam. Distortion, deceit, and populations paying the price are no matter to them. Avoiding the draft; thinking war and love are opposites; and moral preening have all had their place and what drove that is still a cancer on society today.

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