An agreement has been made. Glee and gloating may blind some about consequences if it is not kept..

Progs and NeverTrumps celebrate Trump postponing SOTU at their peril. Thomas Lifson – “even the New York Times realizes that the story is far from over, calling Trump’s move a “seeming capitulation.”

“Trump has ensured that his next SOTU, whenever it takes place, will get a huge television audience. … Trump has also given the lie to caricatures of him as “impulsive,” “reckless,” and likely to blunder us into a nuclear war, views held as gospel among the NeverTrump faction of putative conservatives. … Trump has removed a huge distraction from the real battle, over the border barrier, and the Dems’ refusal to fund the federal government with a physical barrier funded. … Trump has reaffirmed his commitment to constitutional governance, including the specifics of executive, congressional, and judicial power. This is crucial, because both the legislative and judicial branches have disregarded their responsibilities and limitations

Why Trump went for a 21-day suspension of the partial shutdown, and what happens next. Thomas Lifson – “Nonetheless, as President Trump correctly noted in the Rose Garden address, it was an “agreement.” The Dems agreed to procedural rules that can be used to make the case for border barrier construction.” Pelosi et al are celebrating a touchdown with a fervent glee. They don’t seem to realize that one touchdown does not win the game. Trump appears to have his eyes on the bigger picture.

“Democrats naturally are gloating, calling it a surrender and admonishing Trump to “learn his lesson” and acknowledge his defeat by the wise and all-knowing Nancy Pelosi. This certainly gives them a sugar high while providing evidence for future use that their priority is humiliating Trump rather than attending to the needs of border security.

Trump’s stonewall on the shutdown had to end because a choke point had been discovered by the opposition (a group that includes Congressional Democrats and government employee unions along with the media): commercial aviation.

It may be coincidence, but this kill shot job action occurred in the wake of extraordinary signs that House Democrats were wavering in their support for Pelosi’s “not one dollar” opposition to a border wall – while the government is (partially) shut down.

It is possible that the conference committee will not be able to come up with anything that satisfies both parties, in which case the partial shutdown resumes, but this time with the Democrats shown to be willing to shut down the government in order to prevent a border barrier. … And President Trump will be delivering the State of the Union address at a date to be determined, but before the shutdown might resume. This will allow the highest possible platform for President Trump to comment on the negotiations, with Nancy Pelosi sitting behind him.

One big news item is about a science fair project on football inflation trying to prove Brady cheated. Many headlines are out there on the budget deal and most are in a similar vein: they are about defeating the President and not about the issues involved. The focus on personality rather than the state of the country is telling. A few are taking note of the tactics and strategies and how the ‘opposition’ is being played. One such tactic is a common managerial technique. A bi-partisan congressional committee has now ‘accepted’ a charge to produce results in a clearly defined arena on a defined time schedule. That’s a focus and a definition of responsibility that has not previously existed. An agreement has been made. There will be consequences if it is not kept.

Tripwire – Chairman Adam Schiff Sends HPSCI Witness Transcripts to Robert Mueller, Does Not Release Publicly. sundance – “This is a key tell and completely irreconcilable by those who work for Epoch Times news organization who continually claim that Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are working earnestly toward the cause of justice.”

“Cunning Schiff is essentially diffusing a background question about how Mueller is able to exploit transcripts that were given to Rod Rosenstein by Devin Nunes when he asked the DOJ to conduct the declassification review. Notice no-one in the media asked this question because it would show the uncomfortable synergy between Rosenstein and Mueller.

Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff (HPSCI), Elijah Cummings (House Oversight), and Jerry Nadler (House Judiciary) are working with Robert Mueller (team) and Rod Rosenstein (internal DOJ corrupt officials) on a very carefully constructed plan toward the goal of an impeachment vote against the sitting President.

Unfortunately, too many people, on all sides, still refuse to believe the institutions of the DOJ and FBI are comprehensively corrupted.

Roger Stone’s SWAT team arrest: Are we even America anymore? Patricia McCarthy – “After news broke of the pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home Friday morning in Florida by twenty-nine heavily-armed agents in nineteen vehicles, lights flashing, CNN serendipitously on hand to film the raid, millions of us realized once and for all that we are no longer living in the America we knew and loved.”

“Those same millions of us have known for over two years that the Mueller “probe” is a huge and well orchestrated cover-up. There are now at least two books, Gregg Jarrett’s and Dan Bongino’s, and well researched investigative articles that prove this beyond doubt.

That such an aggressive show of force could be visited upon a non-violent person accused of alleged verbal crimes is truly frightening. That so many in the media are celebrating the use of such a Gestapo tactic is horrifying. Suddenly, it is catastrophically clear that America is no longer a constitutional republic, a nation of laws and justice.

Roger Stone’s Arrest: What’s Scandalous, And What Isn’t. John Hinderaker – “The salient point is that Mueller’s indictment of Stone confirms that the Trump campaign had nothing to do with the theft of emails from the Democratic National Committee or their publication by Wikileaks

“Now, for what is truly scandalous about Roger Stone’s arrest: the manner in which it was carried out. The arrest was preserved on video because someone–presumably either the FBI or Mueller’s team–tipped off CNN, and CNN had cameras stationed in front of Stone’s residence at 5:00 in the morning. The video shows a dozen heavily armed FBI agents carrying out what can fairly be described as a paramilitary operation against Stone’s home. Why? Was there some reason to think Stone was so dangerous that it required a pre-dawn raid by a dozen agents with AR-15s to take him into custody?

No such claim has been made, nor would it be plausible. The show that Mueller and the FBI put on for the cameras of their political ally, CNN, was a disgrace.

A few years ago, I couldn’t have imagined saying this, but the FBI has proved to be corrupt and hopelessly politicized. It needs, at a minimum, a thorough housecleaning. It might even be necessary to put the FBI out of business and start over with a new federal investigative agency.

Jack Handey – “I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.”

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