The bell tolls for thee

Covington Catholic diocese sticks to its calumny against its kids. Monica Showalter – “So much for the church’s teaching on ‘dignity and respect of the human person.’ ”

“This is sick stuff because the facts show that the kids acted with admirable restraint in the face of a genuine provocation to violence. They should actually be drawing praise from their diocese.

Sue The Bastards! [Updated]. John Hinderaker – “Is this the most outrageous hate campaign of my lifetime? I think so. Being sued is much too good for these liberals, but I am afraid it is the best we can do.” There may be a mounting frustration that this ‘is the best we can do’ as not enough to address the evil. They understand for whom the bell tolls.

YGBKM: Twitter suspends troll account that spread Covington video. Ed Morrissey – “In other words, we all got gaslighted, as Catholic News Agency’s Kevin Jones realized”

The Left vs. Logic. Deana Chadwell – “The left has walked away from absolute truth and therefore from sensible policy and therefore from sanity.”

“Our language is a contract that we have with others in our society and we mustn’t breach that contract. … The left has been majoring in language reassignment for decades.

When a contract means nothing …

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