Pravda Redux. no apologies. grave danger

Bill Kristol deletes tweet, fails to apologize for jumping on phony story of MAGA hat kids harassing Native American. Thomas Lifson – “He quietly deleted his tweet claiming moral superiority for what he imagines John McCain would have done, compared to that reprobate Donald Trump (who correctly did nothing).” For why apologies are needed, see The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial Incident. Taylor Day – “There was plenty for Americans to be upset by in that video, but contrary to the reporting by the Associated Press, the bad behavior did not come from the group of boys.”

“Despite the hateful rhetoric directed at them, the boys are now being held to higher standards than the adults that are indisputably provoking them, and they behaved admirably. While they misread the atmosphere when the Native American group approach them as being friendly and continued to dance and call out their High School’s prideful chants, they quickly realized the awkwardness of the situation when the Native American elder singled out one of the MAGA-hat wearing teens and put himself inches from the young man’s face beating a drum.

The crime the mainstream media is claiming occurred? The teen assaulted the man with his smile.
The media should be ashamed of how they quickly picked up and ran with edited footage of the “altercation” to pose the boy, who said not a word nor flinched a muscle and offered only an innocent smile that was most likely a nervous reaction to the oddity of performance before him, as a racist bigot.
The liberal media has been under pressure this week after a Buzzfeed News article implicating President Trump in crimes was promptly discredited by Mueller’s office. However, they clearly have not learned any lesson from their failure to act with integrity by pushing a narrative that is framed and false, and they will eventually have to reap what they have sown from their intentional seeds of defamatory divides.

When the Press Sees Red. Michael Brendan Dougherty – “The condemnation of the students was nearly universal. … And then, predictably, the story began to unravel.”

“Like so many stories that supposedly conveyed the reality of Trump’s America, that so perfectly displayed white Christian menace, it turned out to be fake. Fake, like the Ohio University student who sent herself anti-gay hate mail; manufactured, like the racist harassment on a bus that Hilary Clinton tweeted about; an attempted frame-up, with liberal credulity made into the co-conspirator, like the vandalism of a Jewish cemetery done by a progressive reporter.

But good enough to share, good enough to cause doxxing, and justify the harassment and assault of children.
Whatever happened, it conveyed a reality “that seems impossible to deny.” I can’t imagine accepting a payment for writing that kind of conclusion. Although, writing it serves as some testimony to Fallows’ embarrassment. It “seems” impossible to deny only if you felt an overwhelming compulsion to condemn this kid, his school, and his community, “whatever happened.” The posited menace is real, the events, they don’t matter. Whatever.

I would like to welcome the liberal press to the Reality Based Community, but there are fewer Catholic children who deserve getting spat on in it. So I doubt they’ll show up.

From the BuzzFeed Psychodrama to the Covington Video Melodrama. Victor Davis Hanson – “it would be wise for everyone to take a deep breath and wait at least 24 hours before snap editorializing, in response to the latest sensational morality tale flashing across electronic media.”

An example at Slate: Trump’s Rhetoric Is Raising the Risk of Right-Wing Terrorism. Daniel Byman – “We need to have a serious debate about the causes of political violence, before the next attack.” He goes on about anti-semitism and gun control completely oblivious to reality. His world is a very dangerous construct of fantasy and ideology completely detached from reason or integrity to satisfy his need for a bogeyman to blame for all ills he thinks he sees. Compare and contrast what Byman thinks Trump has said to that directed at the Catholic teens.

Reporting on each other: the Covington boys, the Native American, and the smart phone vs. the telescreen. neo – “Today’s smart phones (not envisioned by Orwell) can record, as well. But what they record, how it is edited and used and described and slanted, is the task of social media and the MSM.”

“One person who did apologize, and quite profusely, was Scott Adams. I’m embedding his video in case you’re interested in watching. As Adams says, “This is fake news that actually damages the lives of children.” What I find especially interesting—and what I haven’t yet heard Adams explain—is how he, of all people, was originally among those taken in by this story
If the viewers of such videos don’t have a huge amount of skepticism, they are easily taken in by people using videos to mislead. Even people with a great deal of skepticism, such as Scott Adams, can apparently be taken in by the right video presented in a very clever way.

This is obviously a grave danger, because videos (like photos before them) can easily give the appearance of being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and can whip the crowd up into enormous hatred. And yet the actual truth can be something very, very different.

What can you believe? How can you tell?

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