Plausible deniability?

Stupid New York Times tricks. Thomas Lifson – “By reporting awkward facts but burying them, the NYT is able to claim that its coverage is comprehensive, while sheltering readers from facts that counter its preferred narratives.”

“As most newspaper editors and writers understand, this means that only a small percentage of readers will ever see these key words, even though they are the most politically significant and currently relevant aspect of Palij’s story. It could easily have been in the lead paragraph, and almost certainly would have been prominently featured had the Obama administration made his deportation a priority. This hideous man had resisted deportation for 14 years, after all, so expelling him was not easily or quickly accomplished. It is an achievement that reflects well on President Trump.
To say that the majority of Times readers “harbor” anti-Trump sentiments is to understate the situation. The paper remains a practitioner of the same trick as it used to obscure the great historical crime that was as uncomfortable to its readers then as praiseworthy actions of President Trump are today. The fact that the Holocaust is central to both evasions brings the story full circle.

Peace is breaking out. Media won’t cover it. Don Surber – “Behind the talk of tariffs and trade deficits, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula loomed. A war that began 68 years ago nears its end.”

“Which is why the Fake News Media hides this good news. Democracy dies in darkness, and the American press is become darker than the ocean’s floor.

Border Wall Construction Continues. sundance – “With massive amounts of misinformation surrounding the southern border and the need for a border security wall, the following video has been produced. Pushing back against intentional media disinformation is something critical to supporting President Trump.”

There Is a Pony in the Mueller Heap of Dung. Clarice Feldman – “It is increasingly obvious that there is a pony in the heap of Mueller Trump-Russia dung, and the pony is a corrupt FBI and CIA covering up their unlawful conduct.”

“The New York Times, which has been desperately digging through the dung for years, finally found the pony: “No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials.” Then they buried it as deep in the pile as they could in a story sourced to unnamed former law enforcement officials and “others familiar with the investigation.”

The story revealed that, as President Trump tweeted, “the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me, for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin’ James Comey, a total sleaze.”
The Pony is not Russia – There Is No There There. The Pony is the hiding of deep-seated corruption in the intelligence community, FBI, and Department of Justice.

Trump Has the Democrats Cornered. Jim Daws – “No sooner had the Democrats taken back the majority in the House of Representatives than they proved their harshest critics correct – the party no longer concerns itself with the interests of the American people.”

“While all this plays out, the Democrats will be all over the opposition media, declaring Trump a tyrant for having the audacity to secure the nation’s borders. It will be Trump Derangement Syndrome on parade as one wild-eyed leftist after another vehemently argues against what Americans can plainly see is common sense.

Trump’s greatest value is as a disruptor, and all this disruption is just too delicious, as it forces the Dems to play their losing hand.
This would also be a good time for the administration to get its communications act together and correct several fallacies the opposition media have ingrained into the public’s consciousness

Can the propaganda machine implement the adage that telling a big lie often enough can make it seem the truth? Do they have sufficient plausible deniability to maintain the narrative? For how long? How much damage will be done? 

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