Playing with fire

Dems unprepared for a partial government shutdown that lasts for months and months. Thomas Lifson – “The passage of a House budget bill with not even one dollar, as Speaker Pelosi averred, is supposed to increase pressure on President Trump in their view. They seem to believe that the public so loves visiting national parks in the middle of the winter – one of the few aspects of the 25% of the federal government that affects ordinary voters – that Republicans will crack under public pressure.

“a prime segment of the Democrats’ coalition is in a financial hole that gets deeper and deeper with each passing day – all because Nancy Pelosi says a border wall is “immoral,” a nonsense proposition that only sycophants can mouth without inner doubts. The position that not even a dollar should be spent on a border wall is not viable, which means that a compromise on calling it a “slatted fence” or “border protection” or some other euphemism is going to get more attractive to the federal employees and to the political bosses.

Trump Trolls The Democrats. John Hinderaker – “Early in his term, I was concerned about whether President Trump could stand up under the pressure. No one in our history, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, had been subjected to such vicious abuse. I wondered whether any human being could tolerate it for four years.”

“I don’t worry about that any longer. The irrepressible Donald Trump keeps on giving the Democrats at least as good as he gets, and seems to enjoy doing it.

Like many, I thought Donald Trump was a joke when he announced his presidential campaign. Through most of the primaries, I was surprised that his campaign didn’t collapse. I voted for him enthusiastically, given the alternative, but had only moderate hopes for his administration. As it has turned out, Trump is fighting for the good, in a way we have rarely seen modern Republicans fight, 90% of the time, while the Democrats are fighting for evil in about the same proportion. So call me a convert.

HUGE NEWS! Rally Saturday: SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, BORDER SECURITY AND THE WALL — Clayton, Missouri at 1 PM CT. Jim Hoft – “Local Missouri patriots are holding a rally on Saturday

China: We’ll Use Force To “Absorb” Taiwan If Necessary. Jazz Shaw – “2019 is shaping up to be the year of Chinese aggression and challenges to the west.” … “Far more troubling is the increasing level of military saber-rattling going on.” It’s sounding like the prelude to WW II. Before Churchill and Poland.

Mitt Romney’s op-ed crystallizes all the reasons the old GOP establishment has been pushed aside. Henry Olsen – “Mitt Romney’s op-ed Wednesday in The Post is being widely praised by the usual suspects in Never-Trump Land. This should be your first clue as to how wildly out of touch the senator-elect is with Republican voters.

“What are some others? Let’s start with the article’s premise that President Trump’s character is more important than his accomplishments or principles. Most Republicans simply don’t accept this argument.

Romney would like you to believe you can have your cake and eat it, too — that you can be against Trump’s character but for his policies. But that doesn’t work in the real world. Railing about character hurts the president, and Republicans know that.

Romney’s obliviousness comes through in other parts of his piece, too.

Romney ends by deploring division in our country. He’s right to do so, but Republicans and TIGRs (Trump Is Great Republicans) would differ with him regarding who’s causing the division.

Stuck in the Middle with Mitt. Michael Walsh – “If there’s one thing about Donald Trump all right-thinking folks can wholeheartedly celebrate, it’s the way he’s made the masks slip on so many alleged conservatives.

“Mitt pivoted, ran for the U.S. Senate, won, and now stands ready to inherit the mantle of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake as the only living Republicans the media will quote with approval. That both of their political careers ended thanks to their opposition to Trump doesn’t seem to have occurred to him.

The bien-pensant boilerplate [] is strong in this one, as is the hypocrisy of a guy whose vulture capitalist firm strip-mined corporations, sold them off for parts, fired their workers, and told us it was for the good of the shareholders while Romney and his colleagues grew rich.

Et Tu, Mitt? John Sobieski – “Today the roles of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake will be played by the freshman Senator from Utah, Willard Mitt Romney. Romney is previously known for playing the role of Brutus in the play Julius Caesar

“If the America people ever wonder why their deepest concerns and wishes are never translated into legislative action, why the phrase “we the people” has become a hood ornament on a decaying and ignored Constitution, and why, consider the words of freshman Utah. Sen. Willard Mitt Romney. Just what the blazes does “rising to the mantle of the office mean”?

The American people want more than someone who looks good in a suit. They want a President who gets things done, who enacts their agenda.

House Dem agenda item? “Gonna impeach the m*****f****r”; Tlaib: I’m speaking truth to power, y’all. Ed Morrissey – “Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who became a media darling by being the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress this election cycle, celebrated her installation in the House with supporters last night.” For those who think the President is rude, crude, etc, is this your standard of reference?

“Needless to say, the following is NSFW, so adjust your speakers accordingly:

It’s quite a group of newbies they have coming into office, eh? Nothing says “take me serious as a legislator” like dropping an MFer on a crowd. Between Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’ll get plenty of entertainment, if not plenty of class from this freshman class.

As NBC also points out, this isn’t Tlaib’s first time for demanding immediate impeachment. She co-authored a Detroit Free Press essay published yesterday morning calling for the immediate start of impeachment proceedings. Tlaib and John Bonifaz insisted that Trump had already been proven to have committed crimes and that waiting for Robert Mueller to finish his probe was unnecessary:

The only thing missing from this kitchen-sink argument is a couple of good MFers. Now that Tlaib is tossing those around in public, her argument sounds so much more credible, no?

Tlaib’s audience didn’t respond with an “aaahhhhhhmmmm” to her profane declaration — they reacted with delight. Just how will Nancy Pelosi ride herd on that impulse? And just how will the Democratic voting base react when she does?

If Robert Mueller produces evidence of impeachable acts, Pelosi won’t have to worry about it. If the report turns out to be a nothingburger on Russian collusion — as it appears more likely at the moment — Pelosi’s got a real problem.

Schumer: Trump told me he’d look “foolish” for taking our offer on shutdown. Ed Morrissey – “However, Trump’s hardly the only player unwilling to take an ego hit.” Here’s where Ed misses the mark along with many others that think it’s only a game with both sides having equality. He does pick up on the opportunity despite having trashed it:

“Here’s the new Speaker of the House explaining to Savannah Guthrie that she won’t move an inch either, on the principle that she won’t spend billions to questionable effect: …

One look at the federal budget makes that line laughable regardless of the party affiliation of the legislator who utters it. Equally laughable is Pelosi’s response to Guthrie’s reasonable question — if you’re not willing to compromise on this point, doesn’t that make you responsible for the shutdown as well?

Yes, issues do matter and Pelosi has noted this by citing morality. We are again looking at the morality of self defense muddled by allegations of “ego hit” and gamesmanship,

Pelosi: The Constitution considers me equal to the president. Paul Mirengoff – “It’s difficult to say which is more staggering, the ignorance or the arrogance of that boast.

“The legislative branch is co-equal with the executive branch. But the president heads the executive branch. The House Speaker does not head the legislative branch.

Yes, The Federal Campgrounds We Operate Are Open During the Government Shutdown. Dispatches from District 48 – “public parks are often a significant pawn in budget battles, so much so the term “closing the Washington Monument” has become shorthand for using popular public facilities as a leverage point in spending fights” … at least, that was the case in 2013. The current administration has a different view and a different issue but the Coyote doesn’t see very well in that direction.

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