The state of internal conflict

Democrats: A plague on the nation. Patricia McCarthy – “How as Americans do we explain the intransigence of the left when it comes to national security?

“While all of them are on record supporting a border wall in the past, now that Donald Trump is president, they all oppose it with every fiber of their being. They know that it will work, and they cannot abide Trump having a win. These people – Schumer, Pelosi, Gutiérrez, etc. – are truly venal. Governor Brown has effectively destroyed California, now benighted by rampant homelessness and the crime that accompanies a population of illiterate, drug-addicted, gang-affiliated, criminally inclined persons adrift on our streets. And now another young officer has been killed by an illegal alien thanks to the left’s obsession with protecting the throngs of migrants crossing the border into the U.S.

It should be obvious to every American by now that our progressive left does not have the best interest of Americans at heart. Quite the opposite. They loathe those of us who put Trump in the White House and are determined to punish us.

Will any of these people at the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA, ever be held accountable? To date, they have not been. The power they have within the Deep State is beyond formidable; it is seemingly absolute.

Leftists are dangerous when challenged, like a pack of jackals dismembering its prey. They need to be defeated, indicted, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. They are a scourge on the nation as founded. They do not love this country; they seek to destroy all that was and is good within it.

Mick Mulvaney Highlights Nancy Pelosi Position to Weaponize Government Shutdown as Part of Coordinated Resistance Agenda. sundance – “Career Democrats are working through a highly coordinated political agenda, defended by institutional media allies, that involve weaponizing the House of Representatives.

“In 2006 the radicals, needed to downplay their radicalism. In 2018 the severity and aggression of the left, as assisted by the dropping of all media pretense, no longer needs to hide the intention. When Democrat-Marxists take control in January of 2019 they no longer need to couch the extremism, the American electorate have been prepped.

That is all the ever talk about; that is all they ever converse with each-other about. Every second of every moment, in every meeting, is consumed with plots, plans and strategies for indulging themselves and growing power at all costs.

Pelosi Names Corrupt Former Deep State DOJ Embed as House General Counsel To Lead Resistance. sundance – “Doug Letter was a deep political operative within the institution of the DOJ who worked diligently to promote the weaponized political values of former democrat administrations.

Forever Nipping at His Heels. George Neumayr – “The New York Times assigns a team of reporters to find out if Trump really had bone spurs.”

“Normally, liberals would cut a non-interventionist president some slack on a dubiously obtained Vietnam-era medical deferment. Not Trump.

Leave it to liberals to ding Trump not for starting wars but for trying to stop them.

The podiatrist’s daughters admit that they possess no detailed evidence to substantiate their hunch. Did their father fake up a diagnosis? Did he ever examine him? They don’t know and don’t seem to care, and before you know it the story is off to Dr. Braunstein’s motives for the still-yet-to-be-established fraud.

It is a pretty feeble and inconclusive story, but the Times, having spent so much time and money on it and figuring that a speculative smear is better than none at all, ran the story anyways.

Ripping Trump on Shutdown, MSNBC ‘Republican’ Elise Jordan Unaware Trump Donates Prez Pay. Mark Finkelstein – “If the liberal media’s going to hate on President Trump, at least let them get their facts straight . . .

Beyond Ridiculous – McClatchy News Beclowns Themselves With Michael Cohen Sourcing. sundance – “Apparently, a person told another person, who then told Greg Gordon and Peter Stone what the 3rd hand person told them. That’s the sourcing for the claim that Michael Cohen’s cell phone was in Prague.” See also Scott Johnson – “Gordon and Stone own the byline on my nominee for the fakiest story of 2018

Trump vindicated, media is silent. Don Surber – “Arab News cited the Post’s ethics rules, which apparently signal virtue but carry none in practice:

“Khashoggi’s death has been illuminating. The press blindly took up his cause, elevating him to the status of Time Magazine Thing Of The Year.

The perverse incentives of ‘catch-and-release’ at the southern border. John Sexton – “Because of the death of Felipe and another young girl earlier this month, there are now calls from Democrats for a broad congressional investigation.” Shills. Pawns. Anything that serves the cause.

“Migrants from Central America have learned that bringing children to the border makes it extremely unlikely they will be deported and they are taking advantage of that. So while the number of illegal immigrants captured at the border is still low by historical standards, the number of families and asylum claims is at record highs:

But it seems likely those changes won’t address the real driver of this problem which isn’t just economic opportunity but a belief that having a child with them gives migrants an advantage. If Democrats really want to know what led to these deaths, at least part of the investigation should be focused on the perverse incentives created by our current system. In Felipe’s case, that seems to be the ultimate answer to why he wound up 1,000 miles from home, worn out, and sick. That doesn’t make his death any less of a tragedy, but it does suggest that if we’re looking for systemic problems that create risks to Central American children we have to do a lot more than blame the border officials who do their best when these kids finally stagger across the border

Choices present an internal conflict. Sometimes what you say influences others. Feel good claims and assertions have consequences.

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