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Let Them Come To Venezuela’ And See Socialism For Themselves. Andres Malave – “There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin!” [John F. Kennedy 1963]

“Whether you agree with Kennedy broadly or narrowly, I’ve rediscovered that speech and find it to relate now more than ever to the unfolding drama in the country of my birth, Venezuela. My family and I left Venezuela when I was 10. We had every intention of returning. Then Hugo Chavez took power, promising to usher in shared prosperity for all with his “21st century socialism.” We never went back.

Kennedy’s words should be a wake-up call to my fellow Americans, and especially to his fellow Democrats, as I see more millennials rejecting capitalism and embracing socialism as “the wave of the future.” So, when Teen Vogue tweeted recently, “Can’t #endpoverty without ending capitalism!” my initial reaction was, “Let them come to Venezuela.”

Socialism has destroyed the country of my birth, and it would be wrong to believe it couldn’t happen here. So, when you hear politicians preaching the wonders of socialism in any of its forms, think of my family.

Anti-Vaxxers Like Congressman-Elect Mark Green Shouldn’t Be In Government. Alex Berezow – “One of these beliefs is not like the other: The moon landing was faked. 9/11 was an inside job. Vaccines cause autism.”

“What all the beliefs have in common is that they’re completely bonkers and quite rightly shunned by sane society. But the belief that vaccines cause autism is unique; unlike the other two myths, this one gets people killed. That is not an exaggeration; the gigantic measles outbreak that has swept Europe has claimed the lives of 37 people.

What makes the vaccine-autism myth even more astounding is that some high-profile people still feel comfortable claiming that it’s true. Congressman-Elect Mark Green, who represents a district in Tennessee, is one of those people. Stunningly, he is also a medical doctor.

But it gets worse. Green also believes that the CDC knows that vaccines cause autism, but that the organization is fraudulently hiding it. He also blamed autism on preservatives, a belief that has long been debunked.

The public shaming worked. Green backtracked, saying that his comments were “misconstrued” (no, they weren’t) and that children should be vaccinated (thank goodness).

The fundamental problem with a person who makes such a claim is not that he is wrong; it’s that he is conspiratorially minded and lacks critical thinking skills. That’s not the sort of person who should be in charge of anything important.

Speaking of public shaming or pressure, consider: Is Michael Savage the latest victim of TDS and the left’s ‘pacification effort’? Selwyn Duke – “This isn’t about Trump or Savage. It’s about a cultural revolution that will, barring something that upsets the apple cart, consume each and every American who won’t bend to the left’s demonic will.” Bend or be shamed. Many effective constructive social constraints are being twisted and distorted to destroy instead.

RINO Droppings: The Legacy of California’s Girlyman Gov. Lloyd Billingsley – “Tani Cantil-Sakauye, chief justice of the California Supreme Court, is giving up her Republican Party registration. The cause, she explained, was the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”

“But Cantil-Sakauye was not disturbed by the sleazy charges Democrats unleashed against the Trump nominee, which evidently she believed. Instead, California’s chief justice wondered why Republicans would bring in a female prosecutor to question Christine Blasey Ford. …

Last year Cantil-Sakauye wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Secretary John Kelly stating: “As Chief Justice of California responsible for the safe and fair delivery of justice in our state, I am deeply concerned about reports from some of our trial courts that immigration agents appear to be stalking undocumented immigrants in our courthouses to make arrests. Our courthouses serve as a vital forum for ensuring access to justice and protecting public safety. Courthouses should not be used as bait in the necessary enforcement of our country’s immigration laws.” It was all unsafe, unfair, and so on.

Sessions and Kelly replied that “stalking” has “specific legal meaning in American law,” and it was “criminal activity.” On the other hand, “the arrest of persons in a public place based on probable cause has long been upheld by the United States Supreme Court,” as U.S. v. Watson confirmed. Federal statutes authorize arrests where probable cause exists to believe that “such aliens are in violation of immigration laws.” Courthouses are not only public places, but visitors are screened for weapons, Sessions and Kelly wrote, therefore “the safety risks for the arresting officers are substantially decreased.”

Besides her apparent ignorance of the law, Cantil-Sakauye also overlooked recent cases of violent criminals who should not have been in the United States, who remained at large, and who murdered police officers and innocent civilians.

The solution to the juvenile delinquency problem in our nation’s politics. Andrew Malcolm – “They just can’t help themselves, these denizens of D.C. performing for the cameras and demeaning the challenging work of democracy that they were elected to perform diligently.” He does a very careful dance around the ‘both sides equal in depravity’ meme. Maybe that meme is losing ground?

“Here’s a radical, perhaps utopian thought: What if instead of conveniently calling on others to do something, savvy voters took control themselves? What if individually, one by one, we took responsibility to pay better attention between elections and imposed our own term limits on those who respond or behave poorly?

Dear Media; Your Glee Over The Multiple Trump Investigations Is Appalling. Nina Bookout – “At last count, at least 60% of top aides and 10 Cabinet secretaries have quit due to the insane scrutiny they’ve been subjected to. And the media cheers.”

Pardon Everyone (Except That Rat Cohen). Kurt Schlichter – “This painful to admit it, but we need to grow up. There are two sets of law in America today, meaning there is no rule of law in America today.”

“Let’s stop pretending that America in 2018 has a “justice system.” It’s not a justice system. It’s a set of elite institutions that swing the law like a sledgehammer to crush threats to the ruling class’s monopoly on power. You know, threats like the people we elect to represent our interests against the elite. And we are under no moral obligation to pretend it is anything else.

Nunchuck rights? Judge strikes down ban on 2nd Amendment grounds. Ed Morrissey – “It’s the end of a 44-year moral panic in New York, one inspired by Bruce Lee.”

“The biggest lesson here is that lawmakers should refrain from legislating in the midst of a moral panic. It’s almost quaint to think that a few martial-arts movies could have catalyzed a state legislature into banning two sticks attached by a short chain as a dire threat to the public without any data whatsoever to support it. It’s almost quaint. It’s legitimately worrisome, especially since we never seem to learn the lessons of moral panics.

Pittsburgh’s new gun bans should be a non-starter. Jazz Shaw – “even if they didn’t face significant Second Amendment issues, most of these laws aren’t permitted under existing state law.” The real assault described here isn’t about assault rifles but the ongoing irrational assault on reason, existing law and custom, and human rights.

Uh oh. Stoneman Douglas votes “overwhelmingly” for arming trained teachers. Jazz Shaw – “This action doesn’t change existing law or allow the program to go into effect. Rather, the finding of the committee will be passed to the Florida state legislature for consideration. Given their intimate standing with school shootings, it’s possible that the legislature will look upon their recommendation kindly.”

Report: Russia Online Influence Op Utilized All Platforms, Even Pokémon Go. Bridget Johnson – “An analysis of Russia’s online influence operations pre- and post-campaign 2016 released by the Senate Intelligence Committee today outlined ops spanning all social media platforms — even online gaming — and sharply tailored to distinct voting groups.”

“However, data turned over the Intelligence Committee from Twitter, Facebook, and Alphabet appears to be incomplete, it added. “Regrettably, it appears that the platforms may have misrepresented or evaded in some of their statements to Congress… It is unclear whether these answers were the result of faulty or lacking analysis, or a more deliberate evasion.”

The data that was received for study included about 77 million engagements on Facebook, about 187 million engagements on Instagram, and about 73 million engagements on original content on Twitter.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said the research “demonstrates how aggressively Russia sought to divide Americans by race, religion and ideology, and how the IRA actively worked to erode trust in our democratic institutions.”

The big surprise is that this is a surprise. Think back to an earlier time, say 1970, when it was Radio Moscow and its partners doing the same thing. There is also an interesting compare and contrast in that the Flynn case is about trying to influence Russians through appropriate channels.

As for the lack of candor, the lack of a whole truth, the incomplete data turned over by the social media conglomerates, consider What the heck is Airbnb doing in Israel? Lying, apparently. Jazz Shaw – “As much as I remain a supporter of the gig economy in general, I recently had to come to terms with the fact that Airbnb has been up to some nasty business in Israel.”

Washington Post: Parents trying to raise their kids in ‘relatively gender-neutral ways’ discover nature taking over. John Sexton – “both Brian and Bonnie wanted to approach parenting a little differently than their parents’ generation had, making an concerted effort to let their kids grow up without feeling a lot of cultural pressure related to gender.”

“Of course, there is a certain breed of progressive who considers all gender norms to be harmful and the work of society. There are even some parents on the fringe who are raising their children to choose their own gender when they get older. But this family, which started out trying to give their kids space to be whoever they wanted to be, have found their kids fit a lot of the gender stereotypes of both boys and girls. It’s nice to see someone willing to risk the wrath of the ideologues to say so.

Don’t Deny Girls the Evolutionary Wisdom of Fairy-Tales. Amy Alkon – “The view from moral high ground is best enjoyed after the check (for whatever you’re moralizing against) clears.” … “Preventing children from watching princess films and other fantasy kid fare gives parents the illusion of control, the illusion that they’re doing something meaningful and protective for their children.”

Rush says it’s like going hunting in the zoo.

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