Dragon’s breath

There is a brouhaha about how the evil administration is shortchanging soldiers by not providing them with necessary equipment or proper equipment. Harold C. Hutchison at Strategy page takes a look at one chapter in this saga in Dragon Skin Deconstructed

Now that the armor has failed, the manufacturer is going to the court of public opinion to overturn the verdict of the Army, based on its tests. Now, the Army is caught in a battle to not only save the lives of its troops, but the reputation of those who test equipment for the troops.

As is usual, the allegations never stop, any evidence collected is never enough, any study is biased, and any conclusion is suspect. To support the claims against ever mounting evidence to the contrary, an ever broadening conspiracy is alleged. Anyone who does not agree is suspect and subject to yet more allegations and innuendo.

This is the battle on the home front. The dragon’s breath of distrust, suspicion, and pessimism. On this Memorial Day we remember those who faced the enemy directly and did their duty to our benefit. We should also not forget that we here at home have our duty as well and that is to stand against the corrosive effects of the war against political enemies that has become more important than anything else to some. Without an intellectual integrity to accept reality and strive for truth and keep our commitments, the war at home will tarnish the memory of those we honor this day.

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