Roger makes a good point

There is a need to be careful when our ideas become strong enough to flavor our reality. Roger Simon notes this in Living in Ideology vs. Living in Reality: Immigration Revisited

The more people live in ideology – defining themselves exclusively as liberal, conservative, anarchist, libertarian, marxist, Freudian, whatever – the less they seem to be living in reality. They see the world through their belief systems and rarely anything else. …

The extreme example of this is someone like Ahmadinejad, when it starts to be delusional and becomes dangerous.

Recent history, especially in the collectivist ethos following Karl Marx, shows many efforts to bend reality to fit an ideal. The result has been horrific. Mass slaughter in the past has been conquest of territory and riches but is now ideology. From flavors of socialism and communism we now face a radical terrorism attempting to reject cultural differences.

An ideal is something to work for but we don’t want to fall into the trap of justifying means to achieve the ends that belittle the ends.

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