Insults the intelligence – more examples

Ivanka: Come on, my e-mail issue is nothing like Hillary’s. Ed Morrissey – “There may be room to criticize judgment when officials don’t strictly adhere to their official e-mail accounts, but this proposed equivalency insults the intelligence.”

“To the extent there’s an issue at all, for that matter. ABC News’ Deborah Roberts presses Ivanka Trump to explain why people should treat her use of private e-mail any differently than Hillary Clinton’s as Secretary of State in an interview aired today on Good Morning America. Other than not transmitting classified material, not deleting half of all the messages while under subpoena, and not setting up a poorly secured server to evade constitutional oversight, Ivanka says, no difference at all

Clinton’s secret e-mail system was part of a deliberate and intentional design to corrupt legitimate oversight over her work at State by Congress and the courts, and succeeded at doing so. It was that corruption that had her political opponents demanding prosecution, and it should have resulted in legal consequences at least for the exposure of classified material in the course of that corrupt scheme. Perhaps Ivanka Trump should be more careful about ensuring that official business only comes through official accounts (and so should all public officials), but without that corruption, there is no equivalency between Ivanka and Hillary. This is just an excuse by ABC and other news media to minimize Clinton’s corruption.

Twitter restores Jesse Kelly’s account, claims suspension was temporary. John Sexton – “Though the reason for the removal of the account was a mystery, Twitter did clarify that the suspension was permanent.”

“The problem is compounded by the fact that there is almost no transparency in these cases. Kelly was perma-banned by Twitter with no explanation and no avenue of appeal offered. Two days later, after a lot of reaction from the right, he’s back and Twitter has a completely new story. There doesn’t seem to be any clear process behind any of this, just whatever whims are striking people at Twitter in a given moment.

Does anyone think Jesse Kelly would have had his account restored if he didn’t have lots of high profile people on the right willing to talk about his situation? I think Twitter looked at the reaction and decided retreat was their best option, but that doesn’t mean they’ve learned anything from this. How long before they decide to ban someone else on the right, instantly and without explanation? Not every person who gets banned is going to have the benefit of a segment on national television to help change Twitter’s mind.

Arbitrary and capricious. No process due or otherwise. Changing minds, changing stories. Insults a lot more than intelligence.

About those nooses found at the Mississippi state capitol (Update) . John Sexton – “the nooses and the “hate signs” were all a stunt designed to get attention for a progressive political message on the eve of an election. This is the far left’s idea of a voter guide.”

“Whoever placed the signs and nooses must be thrilled with how all of this worked out. They did their best to identify themselves with the signs but still got several hours in which the nooses were assumed by many to be the work of some right-wing hate group running rampant. The station that initially published the photos, the Associated Press, and the Capitol police didn’t do a great job explaining what had actually happened here in a timely manner.

Mississippi Rejects Democrat Race-Baiting. David Catron – “The Democrats … thought they had hit pay dirt when an out-of-state activist posing as a journalist found a video of Hyde-Smith saying something that could, with enough media topspin, be portrayed as an endorsement of Jim Crow.”

“It turns out, however, that Mississippi voters are not quite the fools the Democrats and the media took them for. Indeed, the transparent contempt with which the latter regard the residents of the Magnolia State probably contributed to the size of Espy’s loss. Instead of explaining why the Democrat would do a better job representing them than the Republican, they treated the voters like idiots.

They’ll just write the loss off to the inability of racist hayseeds to see the one true path of identity politics. Twitter will be filled with snide remarks about all the bigoted brain donors still waiting for the South to rise again.

The Hate For Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Even Worse This Year. Here Are The Many Cruel Things Leftists Are Saying. Paul Bois – “It’s well-established that we live in hell

“You may love Melania Trump’s taste in Christmas decorations; you may indeed dislike them, or perhaps even detest them. To each his own. But the venom leftists have spewed at the First Lady these past two years regarding her Christmas decor goes beyond mere differences in taste and into pure “Mean Girls” territory.

Media critic and DePauw University professor Jeffrey McCall agreed that the reporting on Melania’s work was “boorish.”

“Melania’s decorating touches have not received the same courtesy in a number of media accounts, as if reporters had any sense of stylish interior design in the first place,” McCall told Fox News. “This boorish reporting about the First Lady’s holiday decorating is culturally divisive and unnecessary.”

‘Are You Comfortable Tear-Gassing Children?’ L. Brent Bozell and Tim Graham – “TV networks, over-reliant on emotional images and under-reliant on facts, are presenting this as they present everything else: as an outrage caused by … President Trump.”

“So here’s the first thing we know: The Border Patrol was using tear gas at the border in the years of President Obama whenever illegal immigrants were brutally throwing rocks at our agents. Does anyone remember NBC asking Obama if he was comfortable tear-gassing children? Or did no one care about the immigrants then?

NBC was especially egregious because it never mentioned the rock throwing. To witness a barrage of rocks flying, as we have, and to see the mortal danger they pose (yes, they can kill) is to understand that agents are protecting themselves. This is how anchorman Lester Holt began, using Jackson’s obnoxious question: “President Trump is defending the use of tear gas on migrants who rushed at a major border crossing and attempted to get into the U.S. illegally.” That’s the action word — “rushed.”

Why can’t NBC report that deadly projectiles were thrown? And why does it always spread the silly notion that “it began peacefully”? There’s nothing peaceful about a mob rushing the border. There’s a term for this kind of reporting. It’s “fake news.”

Creating chaos — and “iconic” photos — was the point of the caravan organizers. It’s emotionally manipulative to the core, and the actual context of the photo only gets in the way of the propaganda. This isn’t “Nightly News.” It’s a mudslinging political advertisement.

It’s what illegal-immigrant organizers wanted, and what networks led by NBC were gullible enough to report.

Debunking 3 Myths About Trump Border Enforcement. Fred Lucas – “many of the critiques either don’t provide full context or are factually incorrect, based on information released Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security.” … child separation, tear-gassing, asylum seeking, get the reality you won’t find in the mainstream Leftist propaganda machine.

Eternal Darkness of the Leftist Mind. Lloyd Marcus – “Folks, I continue asking myself, why do leftists think so differently from the rest of us?” Examples from Oprah, Dion, Eastern Michigan University, Will Ferrell and others …

“The most disturbing example of weird leftist thinking is their desire for America, their homeland, to suffer and fail. When Democrats take over the House in January, they will be obsessed with rolling back every one of Trump’s remarkable achievements for America. Our economy is booming. Black, Hispanic, women, and Asian unemployment are at historic lows.

Trump has ended the U.S. being exploited by foreign countries. Why is all this good news for Americans deemed bad news in the warped minds of leftists?

Please stop playing with my Holocaust, Geraldo/Cortez. Jack Engelhard – “Ignorance? Anti-Semitism? There is no comparison between today’s militant migrants and Holocaust survivors and no excuse for the spurious comparison.”

“It appears that throughout this entire great country, we have but one proper news channel, Fox News, and even over there we can use a day without Juan Williams.

Or Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo Rivera is a man in his 70s. By this time he should be less of a fool. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in her 20s and the product of our Progressive schools.

She cannot help but be an ignoramus. But either way, their beliefs are poisonous, indefensible and unconscionable.

Knowledge and Certainty “Laundering” Via Computer Models. Coyote Blog – Lengthy and with an obligatory TDS example at the end but otherwise worth considering to understand by climate and the economy are both easily subject to misunderstanding and use as propaganda tools.

“Paul Pfleiderer of Stanford University. … “In this essay I discuss how theoretical models in finance and economics are used in ways that make them “chameleons” and how chameleons devalue the intellectual currency and muddy policy debates. A model becomes a chameleon when it is built on assumptions with dubious connections to the real world but nevertheless has conclusions that are uncritically (or not critically enough) applied to understanding our economy.”

The TDS example provides an illustration of a common problem. The climate and economic arguments are about the future or what will be. The TDS example is about explaining what has already occurred and a rather significant and sudden change that correlates well with particular actions and has a good weight of plausibility. It’s one thing to be skeptical or critical but another to be blindly so.

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