Tactics; Hidden objectives

Democrats use vote fraud to play their last hand: global warming. A. Dru Kristenev – “After two years of trying to pin the tail on the Donald to no avail, the democrats cranked up voter fraud to make a last ditch effort to suspend the workings of our Republic.”

“Underlying the prospect of stealing the election, which appears to have worked in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, is invoking the usual democrat stratagems. Since the Russian collusion gambit didn’t work after two years of hype from every liberal corner, especially the media, the democrats have determined it’s time to haul out the tried and true climate change scheme in order to gain the upper hand.

Hot Times In Your Home Town? John Hinderaker – “My point in this post is not to rehash the many arguments surrounding the global warming theory, but rather to pose a question: Why is it that so many people seem willing to believe that their environment has gotten significantly hotter, even when that claim is, or should be, contradicted by their own experience?

Even California Cannot Defy Nature Forever. Victor Davis Hanson – “The state’s horrific wildfires are a reminder that abstract progressive ideologies impose life-and-death consequences on millions.”

“What is going on in California? Governor Jerry Brown, most of the Democratic-majority state legislature, the academy, and the administrative state have rushed to blame man-made global warming for the undeniable dry spell from May to mid-November that turned mountain canyons into tinderboxes.

If our life-giving reservoirs of the state’s vast California Water Project and federal Central Valley Project are currently not full, it is mostly because millions of acre-feet of stored water were released to flow into the San Francisco Bay estuaries and the delta—contradicting most of the original mandates of the water projects of providing flood control, power generation, lake recreation, and irrigation for California residents.

Left unsaid is that more than 130 million trees died throughout the state’s foothills and mountain ranges during the drought of 2011–2016 and were not removed from the forest floor, providing an immensity of natural kindling for fires.

Other force multipliers combined with the drought and poor forest management to ensure that California’s fires were especially destructive to human habitats.

Sincere flattery. Richard Fernandez – “Coopting the talking points of political foes and taking credit for their achievements is a time-honored tactic.”

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