The judicial oligarchy or mobs, what’s your choice?

San Francisco Judge Blocks Asylum Ban For Aliens Who Cross Border Illegally. sundance – “While a challenge was predictable, frustrating and likely to be spun up by media, the ruling only applies to aliens who gain illegal entry and request asylum.” Here we go again with the judicial oligopoly.

“Nothing in the ruling stops the hardened border enforcement and/or current expedited review and deportation program. In essence, keep the illegal aliens out and the judicial ruling is moot (until defeated in higher courts).

Though it might frustrate the left-wing media and the open borders crowd, no court can successfully demand the President of the United States to stop border enforcement. This is why it is critical to have a strong DHS Secretary focused on stopping illegal entry.

‘Smug denial is no longer an option’: Recent media studies show ‘pretty much all of journalism now leans left’. Frieda Powers – “The profound leftward ideological bias of the Big Media is the main reason why America now seems saturated with ‘fake news.’ Journalists, besotted with their own ideology, are no longer able to recognize their own bias,”

“The surprise, however, seems to be that the same is now true of financial journalists as a new study pointed out.

CNN media critic attacks White House ground rules for press conferences. Thomas Lifson –

“Remember when the media caterwauled about President Trump’s lack of “decorum”? Or his claimed violation of the norms of presidential behavior? This new letter, laying out the explicit rules will help maintain decorum. Stelter may not be able to admit it, but his colleague Acosta has been way out of line, and only anti-Trump solidarity among the media (a huge problem that the media won’t admit) has prevented public shaming of Acosta by his colleagues, many of whom deeply resent him.

Stelter has just reinforced President Trump’s view of CNN as reflexively opposed to him no matter what he does.

Update: The White House Correspondents Association is openly promising to defy the limitation on follow-up questions.

They can back up each other by pressing follow-up to questions asked by others, which would be the grown-up thing to do. But myguess is that we will se another scene of reporters defying the president and grandstanding by refusing to relinquish the microphone. That would play into Trump’s hands.

Acosta decision could make it easier for White House to kick reporters out. Byron York – “In short, the judge said to the White House: You can’t throw out a reporter without going through a process. But if you go through a process — which you, the White House, can design — then you can throw the reporter out

“In any event, even if Acosta keeps his pass, Kelly said the president would be within his rights to freeze the CNN correspondent out forever. ” Sherrill explicitly recognizes the president’s right to engage with whomever he pleases,” Kelly said. “Certainly, he need not ever call on Mr. Acosta again.” The only issue in the case was that, according to Sherrill, “The government must provide Mr. Acosta due process if it is to revoke his hard pass.”

Beyond that, Kelly noted that the White House would be on firm legal ground if it ousted all reporters from the building. “The government also made the point that there is case law for the proposition that the public doesn’t have a general First Amendment right to enter the White House,” the judge said. “I have no quarrel with that at all.”

Electoral Three-Card Monte: How The Democrats Stole Orange County. Dov Fischer – “While you were watching the Red Card in Florida, guess what they pulled in California?

“So here is what happened. All these Republicans Congressional candidates in Orange County and in other parts of the People’s Democratic Republic of California (PDRC) came out of election night as winners. Two-term representative Mimi Walters in the 45th Congressional District. Young Kim, an appealing newcomer to Congress of Korean-American heritage. Others. And then, each day, as more and more provisional and other ballots kept emerging in the California count, the Republican leads dwindled.

It is the height of brazenness to watch Democrats press for a $10-20 million two-year Mueller probe of whether Putin stole an American election while right here, in the land of the free and the home of the knaves, one election after another is pilfered right under our noses.

On the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. Neo – “The details of Jonestown were unique, but the trajectory of leftist Utopian promises leading to murder was not.”

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